3 Fresh-Brewed Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is coming up on June 18th. And apparently, card companies like Hallmark and others seem to think that a lot of dads drink beer because this is the time of year we tend to see the most cards with beer-related sentiments on them. And if this is your compass, then I guess bar-b-que is another dad-like passion as well. So if this is your inspiration for your Father’s Day gifts shopping, you could probably take the old man to a brewery and grab a few beers to celebrate his big day, or you could just do things the easy way and buy him a 6 pack of his favorite brew and grill up some steaks and move on. But c’mon, this is Dad we are talking about, so we know you can do better than that. Of course, you know that we think you should take him on Beercation, because that is the ultimate gift.. but we figured it was time to offer a few fresh ideas beyond Beercation and decided to look to Kickstarter for inspiration.

Here’s what we found:

For the Do-It-Yourself-Dad:
The good thing is he doesn’t have to be a total do-it-yourself kind of guy with this unit. He can use recipe paks to brew fresh craft beer from his favorite breweries around the world or come up with his own special brew. You may be over to visit dear old dad more often…
For the I-Don’t-Need-to-do-it-Myself-Dad:
If he works hard enough and would rather just enjoy the fruits of someone else’s labor in the comfort of his own home when it comes to beer, then this should help to make sure he enjoys it fresh on tap at his convenience.
For the Drink-Local-Dad:
A Kickstarter supporter for a local brewery or even a brewery mug club or similar type membership is the way to go. This particular Kickstarter project even offers a personal barstool at their brewery and swag for life as options!

Happy Father’s Day!