5 Groovy Gifts for Beer Lovers

The Business Casual Craft Beer Briefcase

5 Groovy Gifts for Beer Lovers


As always this time of year, many of us in the beer community are looking for some unique token of friendship and appreciation for our suds sippin’ friends. This is not always an easy task. We are assaulted with really awful ‘theme’ gifts in the sales circulars and online, like the giant inflatable fist beer cozy or screaming bottle opener. And sure, you can always give a few bottles of something rare, but sometimes we just want to find something a little brewnique. So to assist you with this perilous undertaking, we made it our duty to hunt down some groovy options and are pleased to say that our mission was a success. Whether your recipients are homebodies or world travelers, we have discovered some great beer-inspired gifts that are truly worthy of holiday cheer.

Coaster by Russ Ryan

For those who Party at Home:

These handmade coasters have a wood base and are filled with a variety of beer ephemera like bottle caps, hops and grains. Some of the coasters are also decorated with wood burning and they are sized to accommodate a 750ml bottle. See the full lineup at https://www.etsy.com/shop/letter18studio

Coaster creator Russ Ryan, a graphic designer and home brewer says that his favorite cup coasters usually have a personal story tied to the brewery, the beer or something else. “The connection will be personal and different for everybody.” says Ryan. “I’m hoping others will feel the same and buy the coasters as thoughtful gifts for others or for themselves.”

101 Beer Days Out

For the World Traveler:

Just because we aren’t currently running tours in every location you want to visit for beer doesn’t mean you can’t get out there and see some amazing places on your own- with a little help, that is.  CAMRA’S 101 Beer Days Out  actually provides a lot of guidance and is sure to keep you entertained and quite refreshed during your next visit to Britain. Written by Tim Hampson, author of a number of great beer tomes as well as the recently published Haynes Whisky Manual. (I know a few of you who will want a copy of this one in your collection as well!) You can check out Tim’s blog at: www.beerandpubs.wordpress.com

Potlicker Beer Jelly

For the Chef du Jour:

We were fortunate enough to have received a few jars of Potlicker Beer Jelly as a holiday gift last year. It is made in Vermont by a couple of talented beer lovers. It is great for making some easy and tasty recipes or just pop some onto a cracker with some brie and you’ll look like a gourmet beer chef. 

The Business Casual Craft Beer Briefcase

For The Busy Executive

(The Beer Biz Exec, that is.)

This is an awesome carry case to present your wares or just carry samples to a lucky friend’s house. There are different versions available online both with and without beer. The coolness factor on this one is way up there, definitely Bond-like, especially with the bilateral combo locks.

 Beer Travel Carry Case

For the Frequent Flyer: 

Although many of you have mastered Mike’s socks and bubble wrap packing technique, there is an easier (but not as fun) method for bringing back beercation bounty.  This suitcase holds and protects 12 – 750’s and full will weigh only about 45 pounds- so way under the standard 50 pound limit.  And it has wheels!  Makes you just want to book your next beercation, doesn’t it?