7 Suds Themed Stocking Stuffers for Beer Lovers

7 Suds-Themed Stocking Stuffers for Beer Lovers (or 8 Awesome Beer-Centric Gifts for Chanukah!)

Cool stocking stuffers can be a challenge, as is coming up with 8 nights of groovy gifts for Chanukah; but it is so much fun when you find that perfect gift that you know will put a smile on your recipients face. Since we celebrate both holidays and have had years of practice in this art, we decided to post a few ideas to help you with that last minute shopping.

What better way to fill a stocking than with more stockings (socks)? Aside from their practical use, they are fun to wear to fests and other beer occasions. Our friend Tina even won some tix to a local beer fest this past year by showing off her collection of beer socks! Online you can find a variety of both men’s and women’s sudsy styles.
dsc_1448 Got a fancy New Year’s or other black tie events coming up? Mike’s Duvel cufflinks, which we picked up at the brewery have come in handy a few times. I don’t think they make these anymore, but there are certainly a bunch of different beer-centric styles available to spice up your next dress-up event!
91huhwrzsll-_sy445_ Pair a video with a bag of high quality microwave popcorn and some good beer and that is how you fit a chilled-out night at home into a stocking. From documentaries to comedies, everyone has their favorite beer movie, what is yours?
b-coasters Yea, we know that you have a collection of cardboard beer coasters from the last beer fest you attended and your recent trip to Belgium, but you’re not going to give them as a gift. A cool set of unique non-paper coasters will likely be more appreciated, especially if you are also providing some great holiday brews to set down on them.
beer-deck What are you going to do once all the gifts have been opened, you’ve eaten the Christmas goose or your fill of latkes and are too stuffed to move? A nap would be nice if you didn’t have all of the relatives visiting from out of town. But the next best thing is to play a game that doesn’t require getting up and moving around too much- like cards! This deck not only serves as a standard deck that you can use for Go Fish or Poker, but also is full of beer trivia so will provide a variety of entertainment options without requiring you leave your post-prandial couch position.
beer-journal Believe it or not there are folks who don’t use Untapped and some who even prefer to remain completely unplugged from cyberspace while they are beer tasting. Here is a stylish option for those who want to record their impressions for future reference while staying off the grid. Pair it with a nice pen for a classy presentation.
beer-soap Clean up in the gift department with beer soap. These also make a nice accessory to place in the bathroom for your holiday visitors.
That makes 7 gifts listed herebut don’t worry- we know that leaves you stuck for one more if you are shopping for the eight nights of Chanukah. The best is yet to come- at least in our opinion! You guessed it- the best gift of all – and one that can fit into a stocking or be wrapped in a giant box, is a card or certificate announcing a Beer Safari Weekend or Beercation that you have bought for your beer-lovin’ recipient. Need help with this? Email or call us when you reserve your trip and we will be happy to create a personalized Beercation Gift Certificate!