Beer & Hurricanes – The Surprising Similarities

Hunkering down for the Hurricane-Thoughts on How Hurricanes are Like Beer

Those of you who know us personally may know that we watching the storm paths and that where we live appears to be the meatball in the middle of all of the spaghetti models.  That being said, it has been a bit difficult to focus on writing this month’s blog.  But then as I was trying to think beer and hurricanes at the same time, I realized that there is a lot of similarity there… coincidence?  Maybe… or maybe not, but thought I’d share some of these thoughts with you to ponder while Dorian heads toward Florida.

  • Hurricane Dorian is brewing in the Atlantic.
  • East Coast brewers brew near the Atlantic.

  • Hurricanes vary in strength, with stronger storms capable of doing more damage.
  • Beers vary in strength, with stronger beers capable of putting you in a state that could lead to some damage.

  • Hurricanes involve a lot of water.
  • Beer is mostly water.

  • Hurricanes are described by categories.
  • The Brewers Association categorizes beer into styles its official guidelines for competitions.

  • There are sports teams called Hurricanes.
  • There are sports teams called Brewers.

  • The safest way to store yourself during a hurricane is by blocking all the windows with boards, shutters or hurricane glass so wind can’t get in and blow your roof off.  Also, try to get the house as cool as possible so when the power goes out you are not sweating to death in the heat.
  • The safest way to store beer so it doesn’t spoil is away from light, in a cool place and making sure that the bottles are stored upright to avoid or reduce oxidation.  It is also not a good idea to store it too long in a hot environment.

  • Dealing with hurricanes can make you nuts.
  • Drinking too much beer can make you a bit nuts.

  • The difference is, while getting ready for hurricanes, we certainly know we need a beer, before to de-stress and after, to de-stress…sometimes during- to hydrate.
  • While drinking beer, we never need a hurricane.  Well, unless it is something like a Category 3 or Category 5 from Due South Brewing.

  • There is special hurricane glass for windows.
  • There are special glasses for serving craft beer.

Asking all of you who read this to send positive thoughts and visualization of the storms lessening in strength and heading back out to sea and away from all!

Cheers and Be Safe!