Beer Travel Tip: Don’t Drink & Drive…

Beer Travel Tip: Don’t Drink & Drive…Let Us Drive You to Drink
Or At Least Help Pay for Your Ride!

Don't drink and Drive

One of our favorite tag lines is “Let Us Drive You to Drink”.  We think we do a pretty good job of that during our Beercations and Beer Safaris.  But we wanted to find a way to extend our assistance with your safe beer travels for those times when you are out on your own at all the cool fests and/or exploring the lastest tasting rooms or newest craft beer bars in your area.  And we found a great solution!

You can now enjoy your tastings, brews, fests etc.. without worrying about having a designated driver along because UBER is rapidly expanding- and likely is, or will be in your area soon! And even better yet…

                     We’ll cover a good chunk of, if not all of your first UBER ride!

If you haven’t already heard about UBER, they are the joy of smartphone travelers everywhere! Uber is an on-demand car service that works via an app for iPhone and Android devices. The service uses GPS to figure out the nearest driver to your location. You can choose car size from budget options to SUVs and can put in drop off and pick up locations to get a fare quote for your ride. The credit card that you leave on file when you set up your account will be automatically charged when you arrive at your destination, after first allowing you to choose a tip. It’s times like these when ya gotta love modern technology!

Set Up Your FREE UBER ACCOUNT NOW with Our Special UBERBONBEER link &
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Just click on our link above and use the promo code UBERBONBEER. So, however and wherever you travel for beer, please be safe and don’t drink and drive.

Don’t have a Smartphone or don’t want to use UBER, but you still have plans to go out and enjoy a few brews, cocktails, etc… please make sure you have a designated driver.  If you haven’t already arranged for one, here is a link to the National Directory of Designated Driver Services. 

Please be safe and enjoy!