Classic Father’s Day Gifts Updated for Today’s Beer Savvy Dads

5 More Beer Savvy Gifts for Dad

Some Father’s Day gifts seem to be classics, like a new barbeque grill. You always find them on the front pages of the newspaper ad inserts in June.  In honor of this Father’s Day, we thought we’d do an update and share with you the newer beer-centric versions of some of these classic gifts.



A Close Shave…


Remember when Norelco used to have the Christmas commercial with Santa gliding down a snowy slope on an electric razor like it was a sled?

Cigar City has a much cooler alternative in their stylin’ CCB logoed wooden razor handles. The wood used for the handles comes from the tequila barrels that El Murciélago was aged in and each handle is one of a kind.   


BOMB Card_0001

Membership in the Club

In the old days, it was the country club, the golf or tennis club or maybe even the lodge.  Let’s be real, they were all just an excuse to go somewhere else to have their cocktails than at home.  Well, today’s Dad has more interests and better places to enjoy his drink of preference- and memberships aren’t mandatory, but definitely have some perks.

Some breweries offer founders clubs or memberships in limited amounts.  Perks range from discounts on beer and merchandise in the tasting room, to first dibs on bottle releases.  Locals in S. Florida-check it out:  Barrel of Monks still has a few memberships available for their “brotherhood”.



The Way to a Man’s Heart is Through His Stomach

And well, yes, the “Fudgie the Whale” cake still is available from Carvel for Father’s Day. (BTW, Did you know that this is the same mold they use for their Santa Claus cakes?)

I digress, but really, what do you think your Dad would prefer? Fudgie the Whale or a nice multi-course beer paired dinner?  Nothing tasty going on locally right now? Try a gift certificate to a great local restaurant that has a good selection of craft beer. 

shower 1974


Keep it Clean!

It doesn’t get more classic than “soap on a rope”.  I remember always seeing these as a kid in the drugstore gift displays around Father’s Day and Christmas.


Looks like the Louisiana Sunshine Soap Company makes an updated beer version with Oatmeal Stout!



SShh! I’m hunting… Beer!

What better way to bond than to take dad on a hunting or fishing trip?

Remember the infamous Pocket Fisherman from Ronco?  Even with a fabulous invention like this, beer hunting is a still a cleaner and more practical sport. So how about taking Dad beer hunting? He’s sure to get a few good catches during our Tampa Beer Safari Weekend!

Tampa Beer Tour


Happy Father’s Day! Cheers!