Along with joy, holidays can also bring stress. Especially when it comes to finding the perfect gift.  We’ve all been the recipient of that “perfect” gift from our well-intentioned friend or relative.  You know, like Great Aunt Tillie who thought that being a craft beer lover meant that you totally needed a singing beer bottle opener that doubled as an alarm clock.   And who knows, we may have at some point, unknowingly gifted some of these type of gifts ourselves. 

Well don’t stress. We’re here to help.  Below you will find our take on some Good and Bad gift choices.  Hopefully you will find some enlightenment among these. You may even want to print out a few copies to share with Aunt Tillie and the rest of the family!

Happy Shopping!

Get This:
IPA Glasses from Speigelau
Not This:
Dumbbell Beer Glass  –
The only dumbbell here is the one buying this.
Get this:
Gift Card for Northen Brewer
Northern Brewer gift cards invite homebrew enthusiasts to shop their extensive collection and select exactly what they want most – from premium beer recipe kits and ingredients to quality brewing equipment. Plus they offer live brewer support 7 days a week so your gift recipient is sure to get exactly what they are wishing for!
Not This:
Suzy Beer Mitt, Knit Beverage Insulating Koozie, Beer Glove Looks like grandma was trying to knit socks when she was drinking…
Get this:
Mouse Ears and Cold Beers Baseball Cap
Living in Florida, we know plenty of craft beer geeks who are also Disneyphiles.  This low key tribute to their fandom is the perfect gift.
Not this:
BigMouth Inc King of Beers Drinking HatThe ad prints states:  Thou shalt get thy party started with the BigMouth Inc King of Beers Drinking Hat.
Me thinks this is a party I shall not attend!
Get This:
German Beer Advent CalendarWho wouldn’t love a beer-a-day countdown? So much better than a word-a-day calendar!  

Not this:
Empty Beer Advent Calendar Box

Not sure why anyone would spend around $20 for an empty box and then have to pay to fill it on top of that… maybe that is why the crowdfunding failed on this one!


Don’t Buy This:
Lolo Lid Stealth Beer Can Concealer Hides Drinks In Ordinary Coffee Cups

Seriously, if your gift recipient needs to hide their beer in a coffee cup, maybe they shouldn’t be drinking beer- just sayin’…

Buy Something Cool and Put it in This:
Beer Beard Prank Gift Box

With the coffee cup thing behind us, we will say that sometimes hiding things is okay. Like a cool gift wrapping that will throw you off of what is really inside. In this case, the wrapping is a fake box which will make your recipient think you bought them something as tacky as one of the “Do not buy gifts lifted above! From the Amazon listing:  PRANK GIFT BOXES at first appear to contain bizarre products from ridiculous companies. Simply pack the real gift inside, and try to keep a straight face as you watch your friends & loved ones attempt to remain gracious while thanking you for the “Beer Beard Secret Beverage Dispenser”. Then watch them explode with laughter when they discover their actual gift inside and realize they’ve been pranked.

 What’s the weirdest “beer gift” you ever gave or received?