A Holiday List to Share with Friends & Family

Beware of well-meaning friends and relatives bearing beer gifts. We all have them:  clueless but well-meaning folks who see anything that remotely has to do with beer and think it is the perfect gift for us (the family beer geeks). While we really appreciate their thoughtfulness, they could use a little bit of guidance.  Sure, you can try to hint about what you’d really like, (i.e. the stuff in our post:  8 Great Gifts for Beer Lovers) but some folks just can’t resist the plethora of “novelty beer gifts” out there.  So, to help you avoid receiving the beer equivalent of a reindeer sweater from Aunt Tilly, we’ve compiled this list of NOT SUITABLE FOR BEER GEEKS GIFTS.  Please share and post where necessary and as often as necessary for the sake of all beer geeks out there.

Bear Towel What this is: Bear + Deer = Beer Kitchen Towel.

Website Description:  a witty take on one possible way beer is created

This Geek Says:
Um… NOT.
Beer Holder Belt

What this is:   Deluxe Camouflage 6-Pack Beer Belt Holster

Website Description:  great for camping trips and hunting 

This Geek Says:  Yep, always good to have a few beers while you are going around with a loaded gun… 

Fist Can Holder

What this is: Incredible Giant Fist Can Cooler

Website Description:  the ultimate party accessory

Beer Geek Says: ???                       

Bottle Watch

What this is:  Bottle Watch

Website Description: perfect for making a statement over cocktails or in the conference room

This Geek Says: It might require a conference to explain what this is and why someone thought this was a good idea.

Bottle Holster

What this is:  Beer Holster Novelty Belt Accessory for the Rugged Man

Website Description:  Thigh strap adjusts to fit most.

Beer Geek Says:  Can’t make this stuff up.

Bearded Can Holder

What this is:  The “Beerd” Can Beard Cozy

Website Description:  1st place winner of the 2012 PBR Craft Show!  No beards were harmed in the making of this product. 

Beer Geek Says:  Yikes!

Disclaimer:  Since we do not claim to be the representatives of taste for all beer geeks, but rather just our own bizarre whimsies, please adjust this list as you see fit.  Feel free to add and or delete before sharing it with your loved ones… or if you see something that really tickles your fancy, go for it!  We’ve linked each gift here via the photos to their respective websites in case you see something you just can’t live without. We say: to each- their own.

Happy Hoppy Holidays to All!