How to Pour a Perfect Pint of Guinness

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 

We hope you are enjoying and celebrating in one form or another. In case you are pouring a pint or two from home today, we thought we’d share a few tips on pouring a perfect pint of the perfect St. Patrick’s Day beer- Guinness.  Sláinte!

Guinness Storehouse in Dublin

  1. Get the proper glass. The tulip pint is the preferred glass for a Guinness. (And bonus points if you have a Guinness branded glass to sip from!) The shape of this glass helps to guide the nitrogen bubbles back up to the top, creating the delicious creamy head that perfectly contrasts in color and flavor to the dark delicious stout below.  And as always, make sure your glass has been properly cleaned!
  2. Hold your glass at a 45-degree angle and start pouring the beer down the side of the glass until you have filled your glass about 75%. At that point, you want to let your beer rest so the nitrogen will settle into that beautiful head full of approximately 300 million tiny bubbles.  According to Guinness, the waiting time here should take 119.53 seconds
  3. Top off your glass, this time pouring straight down the center of the glass, no angle needed and allow the head to reach the top or a bit over the top of the glass.

Here is a short video from Tourism Ireland sharing their thoughts on How to Enjoy the perfect Pint. (Disclaimer: we did not make this video and can take no responsibility for the tap faucet being immersed in the foam at the end of the top off) 

After watching it, it made us think that maybe we should set up a plan to enjoy some Guinness in Ireland, where you can get lessons from experts at the Guinness Storehouse on how to pour the perfect pint! Who’s in?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!







Ruth & Mike