Rock Star Beer Quiz

Good beer and good music are two things that naturally go together. And as the craft beer scene continues to grow, a number of musicians have decided to express their artistic bend in suds rather than in tunes. The outcome? Some are probably better than others, but just like beer or music separately, it is always a matter of taste.

Below are clues to 5 rock inspired beers. See if you can guess which band created which brew. The first set of correct answers will win some groovy Beercation swag. Good luck and cheers!

  1. Which group not only had a musical based on their songs on the London stage, but also produces a beer named Gladness which rhymes with the group’s name?
  2. You would never expect this rock group from down under to be subject to conformity, but they chose a brewery in Germany to brew a fully reinheitsgebot compliant pilsner which is named after the group.
  3. Which American brewery from Delaware, whose name is comprised of 2 animals makes a beer named after an album by a group who is often represented in merchandising by colorful bears? (Bonus points if you can guess the name of the beer)
  4. Which heavy metal band aided in creating a beer that is named after one of their top hits and turned out to be a top hit for the brewer as well? (Bonus points for naming the beer.)
  5. If you think about the historical region where Czech lagers come from, or are a fan of the movie Wayne’s World, then you will surely know the name of the lager released to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the UK’s 3rd best-selling single of all time.(No  bonus points for adding the name of the band because if you know the song it is a no brainer!)