Stocking Up On Beer… Stockings!

While this is the time of year that a lot of folks start searching for stocking stuffers, we thought we’d take a closer look at the actual stockings (well, socks) themselves.  The following options offer a variety of beer socks that can serve as your newest holiday stocking, stocking stuffer, or even a unique gift bag for a good bottle of brew. If you’ve traveled with us or read our blog article To Ship or to Schlep on how to pack beer safely for traveling or shipping, you will know that socks are a standard in Mike’s arsenal of packing products.  So dig in your heels and get a foot up on your holiday shopping.

Will Run For Beer knee socks will make more than a style statement during your next race!
These ‘Bring Me a Beer’ beer socks come in a variety of styles, but regardless of which you choose, they are sure to get the message across!
These socks will add a little flair to your work slacks for a pick me up even when it is not casual Friday.
And for the crafters out there (I happen to know a few of you out there are involved in crafting and craft beer circles) here’s a knitting pattern to make your own beer socks!
And then there is this. The Sasquatch Loves Beer sock. Kind of leaves me at a loss for words, but I’m sure there are a pair of feet waiting for a pair of these somewhere!