Beer #183 Deschutes Jubel 2010 Once A Decade Ale

Deschutes Jubel 2010 Once A Decade Ale
Deschutes Jubel 2010 Once A Decade Ale

Name: Jubel 2010 Once A Decade Ale

Style:  American Strong Ale

Brewery:  Deschutes Brewery  website

Country: USA

Region: Bend, Oregon

ABV: 10.0% abv

How served:  22 oz waxed and capped bottle poured into a Delirium Noël snifter to get me into the holiday mood.  

My Overall Opinion: Amazing. 

I paired this beer with:   Lobster raviolis with marinara sauce.  Not the best choice of beer to go with this lobster ravioli, but what the heck, life is short and drink what you want, when you want it.  Overall nothing clashed and meal & beer was very enjoyable… mission accomplished!

Tasted on:  Wednesday December 14, 2011

Notes:  This is a Special batch of their seasonal winter brew Jubelale.

The beer poured a muddy deep brown with a thin dark tan head which left a thin and sticky lacing on my glass.     

 The nose had nice aromas of toffee, chocolate, plums, roasted malt, hints of vanilla and a very pleasant warmth from the alcohol.

 The taste is similar to the nose.  I got chocolate, toffee and sweet roasted malts up front, then the vanilla, dark fruits and some bourbon flavors snuck in midway, and the beer finished dry with a very pleasant warmth from the alcohol.

The body with medium to moderate with a slick/creamy mouthfeel with a very nice warmth from the alcohol.

The drinkability was good, but one which you would like to sip and savor.  This beer improved greatly as it warmed up and was good to the last drop.  Wait only 9 more years & look for the 2020 at a bottle shop near you.

On the Label:  Best after 1/29/2011   1032K

From their website:    Strong Ale  Alc. 10% | IBUs 55

Jubel 2010 is a deeply complex, intensely flavored take on our festive winter seasonal, Jubelale. Available on tap as Super Jubel at our pubs around the holidays, 2010 is only our second bottling of this prized rarity originally released to mark the 2000 millennium.

Pairings: Braised Pork Belly with Potato Rosettes Malt Crusted Idaho Trout