Beer # 79 St. Bernardus Tripel


St. Bernardus Tripel

Name: St. Bernardus Tripel

Style:  Tripel

Brewery: Brouwerij St. Bernard  website

Country: Belgium

Region:  Watou

ABV: 8.0% Abv

How served: 330ml capped bottle poured into St. Bernardus chalice.       

My Overall Opinion: Amazing. 

I paired this beer with: 2nd beer of the night & used to erase some of the Chapeau Winter Gueuze off my palate.   

Tasted on:  Monday February 22, 2010. 

Note: This is one of my favorite Triples, & I rated this beer for the style.  If you like the Tripel style and haven’t tried this one yet, what are you waiting for?

BTW this did not cleanse my palate from the Chapeau Winter Gueuze, maybe I need something hoppy.  Ok then I’ll try something hoppy next.

From their website: This beer, with high fermentation, has a pale amber colour and a flowery, fruity taste with a harmonious balance between sweet and sour (8% alcohol content).
This beer has a thick and vivid froth and strikes by its balanced taste with a delicate bitterness.

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