Beer # 81 He’Brew Jewbelation Bar Mitzvah (13)


He'Brew Jewbelation Bar Mitzvah (13)

Name: He’Brew Jewbelation Bar Mitzvah (13)

Style:  American Strong Ale

Brewery: Shmaltz Brewing Company (He’Brew) website

Country: USA

Region:  San Francisco, California

ABV: 13.00% Abv

How served: 22 oz bomber poured into a Bon Beer Voyage glass.  Both the glass and the beer are courtesy a very good friend of mine “The Bock Babe” & “Bill Boli”  (seen in background)

The Bock Babe

 My Overall Opinion: Amazing. 

I paired this beer with: A rich and thick fish stew.  The pairing was only OK, as this beer would have much better been paired with a rich chocolate desert or by itself and a nice after dinner sipper.

Tasted on:  Thursday February 25, 2010. 

Note:  This is a limited release beer & was only brewed once.   I believe that this beer should age very well under the right conditions.  So if you can store this beer properly and if you happen to still see some on the shelves of your local beer store, but a few and put it away for next year, or even the year after, you will not be disappointed, as I feel that this beer has not reached its “flavor” peak yet .   There were 13 malts and 13 hops used in making this beer, but the malt hits you much harder than the hops.   

 On the Label: On April 24, 1982, I chanted, gave a speech about Leprosy, got my first Walkman, 3 pen sets, and 2 swiss army knives. The band was called Hot Borscht.  As with all Bar and Bat Mitzvahs kids, my parents recited a blessing thanking God for finally being relieved of punishment for their child’s sins.  Lucky 13 all around. At high Holidays, Jews recite 13 Attributes of Mercy revealed to Moses at Sinai.  13 million Jews inhabit the globe.  Maimonides wrote the dogmatic 13 principles of Faith, and died 13th of Dec. 1204.  The mystical Zohar emerged in 13th c. Spain, ascribed to a 2nd century Rabbi, who studied Torah in a cave with his son for 13 years.  The Jewish calendar follows 13 lunar cycles. Apollo 13 failed to reach the moon after an explosion on April 13 (1970).  July 4th falls 13 days after the summer solstice.  13 Colonies.  The 13th Amendment abolished slavery.  Barach Obama represented the 13th district in the IL State Senate.  In 1957 Sandy Koufax made 13 stats, struck out 13 in his first complete game, and pitched the final Dodger strike before they left Brooklyn.  13 attended the Last Supper.  13 bagels make a Baker’s Dozen, began for fear of punishment under a 13th c. English law regulating the price of brad and beer.  Genesis 13:13 tells of the wicked men of Sodom. Genghis Khan conquered the world in the 13th century.  Black Sabbath released its debut album on Friday Feb 13th (1970).  Recording Rain Dogs.  Tom Waits told guitarist Marc Ribot “Play it like a midget’s bar mitzvah” Happy 13, Shmaltzers.  Together we rise and holler, “L’Chaim!”   Jeremy Cowan, proprietor

From their website: The oldest archaeological artifact to mention “Israel” is dated from 13th century BCE Egypt. The eve of Purim (the only official Jewish drinking holiday) falls on the 13th of Adar (Hebrew calendar). Famed scholar Rambam (Moses Maimonides) died on December 13 (1204). While preparing for his bar mitzvah, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg sold Christmas wreaths door to door to raise money for Boy Scout camp. On the Simpsons, in 2003, Krusty the Klown, prodigal son of Rabbi Hyman Krustofski, is moved to celebrate an adult bar mitzvah after discovering he cannot get a star on the Jewish Walk of Fame without it. “Part of the bar mitzvah is that you become a man supposedly at 13 years old. And as I was a man, I decided never to go to a synagogue again” -Jack Black. I growled and I roared and my rabbi did as well / it was a rocking werewolf zoo at Temple Beth-Emmanuel / Werewolf bar mitzvah / Spooky scary / Werewolf bar mitzvah / Kooky hairy / Boys becoming men / Men becoming wolves -30Rock. Seth Rogen (born the week before my bar mitzvah) made his stand-up comedy debut at age 13: “A good Bar Mitzvah joke is a good Bar Mitzvah joke regardless of your age and sexual orientation.” Harpo Marx once broke his stage silence when a fire broke out in a theatre in Detroit. “I didn’t know what to say, so I just delivered the speech I made at my bar mitzvah. It quieted the audience until the fire was put out.” In the early 90’s, Paul Rudd worked as a DJ and MC at bar mitzvahs. In his first acting role out of college, he was duped into delivering a fundamentalist Christian moral to the story. “My Bar Mitzvah was perfect. It was in my basement… For the invitation, I drew pictures of the band KISS and things that I loved from the Torah. We all need rites of passage.” -Jeremy Piven. Ben Stiller played drums at his own bar mitzvah. “We covered ‘Hey, Jude,'” he recalled. “My father panicked thinking our lead singer was belting out ‘Hey, Jew!’ to a roomful of Holocaust survivors.” Fear of the number 13 is called triskaidekaphobia. About 9% of Americans believe that Friday the 13th is jinxed, according to a 1990 Gallup poll, running behind a black cat crossing your path, which worries 14%. To mock the fear of Friday the 13th, Civil War vet Capt. Wm. Fowler formed the 13 Club, first meeting on Friday Sept 13th (1881) at 8:13 p.m. 13 people dined in room 13, entering under a ladder and seated among piles of spilled salt. Future members included 5 US Presidents. Wilt Chamberlain wore #13 his whole career and was selected to 13 All Star games. Basketball originally had 13 rules. Every pineapple contains 13 counterclockwise spirals. California produces 13% of the US’s GDP. About 13% of New York state residents claim no religious affiliation. Fidel Castro was born on Friday the 13th (August 1926). In the late 13th c., Venetian Marco Polo became one of the first Europeans to travel the Silk Road to China. Eyeglasses were invented in Italy in the 13th c. At age 58, believe it or not, Robert Ripley died while taping the 13th episode of his tv series which explored death and death rituals.

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