Beer # 86 Alpine Exponential Hoppiness

Alpine Exponential Hoppiness

Name: Exponential Hoppiness

Style: Imperial IPA

Brewery: Alpine Beer Company  website

Country: USA

Region:  Alpine, California

ABV: 11.0% Abv

How served: 22oz capped bomber poured into a Stone IPA glass.       

My Overall Opinion: Amazing.

I paired this beer with: Pasta and shrimp in a butter, olive oil & white wine sauce with artichoke hearts, sun dried tomatoes & garlic.   The hops of this beer overpowered this meal.  It would have been better paired with a Belgium Strong Plae Ale, Belgium Pale ale or a Triple.

Tasted on:  Saturday March 13th, 2010. 

Note:  The hops hit you very hard on this beer.  1st you get a beautiful hop aroma, then the hops hit you hard up front from the first sip to the after taste.  This beer is not for the faint of heart, BUT if you’re a hop head, well then you’re in heaven!!!

On the Label: A triple IPA which is deceptively mild for its strength. This Hop Monster starts by using multiple kettle hop additions, with each addition doubling the amount of the previous addition (exponentially). Add in the giant hop back and the two dry hopping sessions and you’re almost there.   The beer is finished off with a couple of “body-bag” sized hop-sacks full of hop flavors and oak chips. Then it ages and mellows, disguising the alcohol content for a strong, incredibly hoppy, yet truly enjoyable beer. DRINK ALPINE BEER or GO TO BED!

From their website: A West Coast Triple IPA. Very popular. A complex hopping method where each hop addition is double the previous amount. More hops in the hopback and then two dry-hop sessions. The second dry-hop session is with whole hops and oak chips. 1.093 OG 10.75%ABV

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