Beer #11 Side Project Volume #4 Dos Cocoas

Terrapin side project Dos Cocas
Terrapin Side Project Volume #4 "Dos Cocas"

Since it is Halloween eve, and Halloween somehow brings back memories of eating lots of chocolate.  So I figure it is time to enjoy some chocolate indulgence tonight.  My 2 beers tonight have the theme of chocolate.  

Name: Dos Cocoas Chocolate Porter (Side Project Volume #4)

Style: American Porter

Brewery: Terrapin Beer Company website

Country: USA

Region: Athens, Georgia

ABV: 5.8%

How served: 22oz capped bomber into a Gouden Carolus, Carolus D’OR  glass.

My Overall Opinion: Good.  

I paired this beer with: Chocolate Pasta with savory chicken & mole sauce

Tasted on: Friday October 30, 2009

Note: The beer was good on its own.  However I would rate it Very Good paired with the chocolate pasta.  On its own the beer was a little thin.  But it was very drinkable with this meal.  I would pair these two together in the future, but too bad this was a limited release and only brewed once.   

 “The “Dos Cocoas” is a traditional Porter with a chocolaty experimental twist.

“Spike” incorporated two types of chocolate at two different stages of production to achieve the balanced chocolate flavors in the “Dos Cocoas.” The first addition was 60 pounds of cocoa powder added in the whirlpool. Next, the porter was aged for one month on a 60 pound bed of cocoa nibs to really bring the dark chocolate flavors home.

The result is a fine chocolate aroma, a unique bitterness and a tantalizingly balanced chocolate flavor from both the cocoa powder and the nibs.”