Beer #174 Unibroue Quatre-Centième Brassin Commémoratif

Unibroue Quatre-Centième Brassin Commémoratif
Unibroue Quatre-Centième Brassin Commémoratif

Name: Quatre-Centième Brassin Commémoratif

Style:  Belgian Strong Pale Ale

Brewery: Unibroue.  Website

Country: Canada

Region:   Chambly, Quebec

ABV: 7.50% abv

How served:  750 ml corked and caged bottle poured into a Gulden Draak tulip.

My Overall Opinion:  Good

I paired this beer with:   Grilled tilapia with tomatoes, rosemary, zucchini and black olives.   Paired very well.

Tasted on:  Thursday June 23, 2011

Notes:  I’ve had this beer sitting in my cellar for 2 years.  It was 1st released in 2008 in celebration of the 400th anniversary of Quebec.

The cork popped with a nice loud “pop” and poured a light golden yellow with a fluffy 2 finger head.  There was a thin and small lacing left on my glass.

The nose was sweet with lots of yeasty notes like bananas, lemons, cloves and some spices.

The taste closely resembles the nose with a mixture of bananas, cloves, hints of lemon and spices all being on the sweeter side with only a mild hint of the alcohol

This beer had medium mouthfeel and was quite refreshing with a pleasant carbonation level.

The drinkability was as easy as it gets.

Overall I felt that this was good beer and would recommend it to anyone who like a Belgian strong pale ale, but is not nearly as good as most of the other beers I’ve had from Unibroue.

On the LabelIn 2008, Quebéc City proudly celebrates four hundred years of settlements by people of different races and cultures.  These pioneers built the first European city in this part of North America which became the gateway to the New World.

 In 1608, Samuel de Champlain arrived on a ship bearing the name Don de Dieu to establish a French colonial empire.  He named the settlement Kebec, a native word meaning “where the river narrows”.  This strategic location made it the scene of major battles that raged for over a century.

Throughout this period and beyond, the city continued to grow attracting French, Scottish, Welsh, Irish and English settlers who enriched the community with a variety of traditions, customs, trades and professions creating a blend of cultures found nowhere else in the world.

This exclusively brewed beer honours all those who have made “joie de vivre” synonymous with this amazing city!

From their website:   No information on their website on this brew, so I am assuming that this beer is no longer made.