Beer #94 Southern Tier Big Red

Southern Tier Big Red

Name: Big Red

Style: Imperial Red Ale

Brewery: Southern Tier Brewing Co.  website

Country: USA

Region: Lakewood, New York

ABV: 9.0% Abv

How served: 22oz capped bomber poured into an Affligem chalice.        

My Overall Opinion: Good.

I paired this beer with: Pasta with a marinara sauce.

Tasted on: Sunday April 4th, 2010. 

Note: This beer paired well with my pasta dish.  It was tasty and had a good balance between the sweetness of the malts and the bitterness of the hops.  There seemed to be something missing in this beer, maybe it was that it was too thin for what I was expecting in this Red Ale, maybe it was that I used the wrong glassware, a chalice instead of a snifter.  I’ll give this beer one more chance in the future and use a snifter, but I don’t think that was it.  

 On the Label: Imperial Red Ale.  Fueled by Creativity & Imagination.

Alc. 9% by Vol.

20° plato

15° L

2-row pale malt

chocolate malt

 kettle hops: hallertau magnum & hallertau tradition

dry hops: hallertau perle & hallertau magnum

 store in a cool place.  Serve chilled in a snifter.  Best at 42°F (5.5°C) 

From their website:   big red Imperial Red Ale fueled by creativity & imagination.   Inspiration can sometimes be found in the strangest of places. This eccentric brew started with a single flower from a hop named Hallertau. The delicate and spicy aroma present in this flower has been responsible for generations of great beers. Hallertau hops are to a brewer what an old tractor is to a farmer: reliable. Big Red expresses the nobility of Hallertau by placing it at the forefront of this Imperial Ale. Pour it into a snifter. A swirl allows the spicy aromas to come forward as a taste to the lips reveals the complex balance between sweet malts and the bitterness of hops. Big Red’s ability to please is as dependable as your grandpa’s old tractor, and just as powerful–so please don’t drink and drive.  9.5% abv • 15ºL • Imperial Red Ale • 22 oz / 1/2 keg / 1/6 keg

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