Beer # 111 Captain’s Reserve Imperial India Pale Ale


Captain's Reserve Imperial India Pale Ale

Name: Captain’s Reserve Imperial India Pale Ale

Style:  Imperial India Pale Ale

Brewery: Captain Lawrence Brewing Company website

Country: USA

Region: Pleasantville, New York

ABV: 9.0% Abv

How served: 500ml capped bottle poured into a Stone IPA glass.          

My Overall Opinion: Very Good

I paired this beer with: A really thick tomato based vegetable soup with shrimp and fish added.  This was as good as a pair as it could get.

Tasted on:  Wednesday May 19th, 2010. 

Note: This beer poured with a nice puff head which lasted almost to the end, leaving a beautiful lacing. Very nice citrus nose.  It tasted mildly sweet upfront then a mild grapefruit bitterness followed.  This was very refreshing and not over the top in any way to make you think you where drinking an Imperial IPA instead of an IPA.  If you find this beer in your area, be sure to pick a few and you will not be disappointed.

On the Label:   Imperial India Pale Ale.  Even the name sounds impressive. But what should really impress you is the hoppy nectar that is held within this bottle.  A true testament to the ingenuity of the American craft brewers; this style of beer concentrates more hop character than any style before it.  Created from a blend of 5 different hop varieties this beer is the ultimate hop lovers dream come true. Cheers, Scott Vaccara.

From their website: This beer is a salute to the ingenuity and creativity of the American craft brewers. A uniquely American style of beer, the Double or Imperial IPA, has become the calling card of many craft brewers who aren’t afraid to push the limits of what hops can add to a beer. This beer is big and hoppy – not for the faint of heart! Be prepared to experience sensory overload as you savor this Imperial IPA.


Hops, and lots of them. The aroma is bursting with the classic citrus and pine aroma of American-grown hops. The flavor is dominated by a hoppy bitterness, with just enough malt to make you want to take another sip.


This beer needs an assertive food to stand up to it. Match Captain’s Reserve with aged cheeses such as Stilton, cured and grilled meats.

Hops: Columbus, Chinook, Cascade
Malts: Domestic Pale Malt, English Pale Malt, English Crystal Malt
IBU: 80
OG: 20
Type of Glass: Other

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