Beer # 130 Coronado Idiot IPA

Coronado Idiot IPA

Name:  Idiot IPA

Style:  Imperial IPA

Brewery: Coronado Brewing Company website 

Country:  USA

Region:  Coronado, California

ABV: 8.50% Abv

How served: 22 oz bomber poured into a Piraat snifter.         

My Overall Opinion: Very Good.

I paired this beer with: Pasta in an  olive oil sauce mixed with tuna, anchovies, black olives, capers and artichoke hearts.   This was a very good pairing.

Tasted on:  Tuesday July 123th, 2010. 

Note:   As I opened this bottle I was hit with a very strong piney and a less strong citrusy hop aroma. The beer poured with a nice 2 finger head which slowly thinned out leaving minimal lacing on the glass.  The taste of this brew is almost all hops, grapefruit & piney as the malts played a very mild part in the flavor profile.   The mouthfeel had a moderate feel with only a little bit of the 8.5% abv being apparent.  I was

Really surprised as this Imperial IPA was both bitter and smooth and is a brew which you can drink all night long.  I’m now looking forward to trying some more brews form Coronado Brewing in the future.  If you can find this beer, give it a try.

On the Label:  Coronado Brewing Company’s Idiot IPA is a West Coast-style double IPA.  Brewed large, with four hops varieties, creating an assertive, over-the-top hop experience.  Idiot IPA, the intelligent beer.

 On their Website:  The CBC Idiot IPA is an all natural India Pale Ale. A big beer with an 8.5% ABV and brewed with over 3 pounds of hops per barrell. Watch out, this unfiltered “San Diego IPA” has been known to reduce even the most intelligent to a blithering “idiot”. (8.5% ABV)

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