Beer #180 BridgePort Fallen Friar

Bridgeport Fallen Friar
Bridgeport Fallen Friar

Name: Fallen Friar

Style:  Tripel

Brewery:  BridgePort Brewing Co.   website

Country: USA

Region:   Portland  ,Oregon

ABV: 8.2% abv

How served:  22oz white foil & capped bottle poured into my St. Idesbald chalice.

My Overall Opinion:  Very Good 

I paired this beer with:   Habanero pepper infused grilled boneless chicken.   Huge amount of spicy heat out of this meal, which was cooled down nicely by this fantastic brew.

Tasted on:  Wednesday August 10, 2011

Notes:  This beer was brewed only once and was released in February 2009.

This beer pours a semi hazed light orange with a thin 1 finger head which dissipated rather quickly leaving a very small and thin lacing on my glass.

The nose was a mix of funeral flowers, grass, citrus and yeasty bread.    

The taste is on the lighter side for a Belgian style tripel with muted spices and up front sweetness from apples and pears along with a mild bitterness near the end and maybe just a hint of the oak.

This beer had a medium body with a low level of carbonation for a tripel.

The drinkability was very good overall and matched up very well with the super spicy chicken I had.

On the Label:  Bridgeport Big Brews.   Ale with 35% Aged in Oak Wine Barrels.

From their website:    Nothing on their site on this retired brew!