Beer #199 Weyerbacher Riserva 2012

Weyerbacher Riserva 2012

Weyerbacher Riserva 2012

Name: Riserva 2012

Style: American Wild Ale

Brewery: Weyerbacher Brewing Co website

Country: USA

Region: Easton, Pennsylvania

ABV: no abv listed on bottle or their website. 11.4% abv

How served: 750ml corked and caged bottle poured into a Rodenbach Grand Cru tulip. glass.

My Overall Opinion: Very Good. 4 Stars a

I paired this beer with: Xtra-Hot Grilled Chicken wings. Awesome pairing. Heat from the wings was balanced perfectly with the crisp tangy tart raspberry.

Tasted on: Saturday April 6, 2013


The beer poured a cloudy reddish brown with a 1 finger off white head. This brew left no lacing on the glass.

The nose was of tart raspberries, mildly acidic with hint of woodies oak.

The taste was like biting into a raspberry sweet tart, without having an over the top raspberry flavor nor sweetness. As time went by the brew became tarter (acidic) and some of the woody oak flavors came through. The finish was very dry and refreshing with almost no hint of alcohol.

This beer had a medium crisp body with a low level of carbonation.

Overall I really like this brew; I feel it is something which might benefit from a little age on it too.

On the Label:

Ale with Raspberry Puree added and Aged in Oak Barrels

From their website:

Riserva 2012 is an American Wild Ale fermented on red raspberries. Riserva is fermented with a blend of Saccharomyces yeast, Brettanomyces yeast, and lactic acid bacteria that produce funky, sour, and fruity flavors and aromas. The beer is aged for more than a year in oak barrels with Raspberries, giving the beer a pungent raspberry aroma, a lovely red color and a balancing wood character. This brew is a beautiful beer both to your eyes and to your taste buds. The microflora responsible for giving Riserva its character reside in the wood barrels and change somewhat over time depending upon factors such as the age of the barrel and the ambient temperature at which the barrels are stored. New barrels are rotated into the mix as old barrels are rotated out and as such, Riserva varies somewhat in color and tartness from year to year. Riserva is much higher in alcohol than its Belgian lambic framboise cousins and is a true treat to experience.

A very limited quantity of Riserva is distributed to select states.