Beer #57 Warmer Winter Winter Warmer

Cigar City Warmer Winter Winter Warmer

Name: Warmer Winter Winter Warmer

Style: Winter Warmer

Brewery: Cigar City website

Country:  USA

Region: Tampa, Florida

ABV: 10.00%

How served: 750ml capped bottle poured into a Cigar City Tulip glass.    

My Overall Opinion: Very Good 

I paired this beer with: An assortment of food at our neighborhoods 17th annually tractor Christmas parade.  

Tasted on: Saturday December 19, 2009.

Note: Great winter warmer for the South Florida winter.  Drinking this outside today, in a cool 63 degree South Florida day.  As our cold front came through today, the rest of the north east coast is being hammer with a ton of snow.  Too bad you aren’t in S. Florida today enjoying this beer with me.  As a winter warmer goes, this has a very nice hop presence and the typical Cigar City taste, which is great!!

From their website & on the label:  “We brew this English-style Old Ale with American hop varietals to celebrate the idea of a snowy winter landscape, if not so much the reality of it as we experience it here in Florida. Dark copper to amber in color, it has a complex citrus and caramelized toffee aroma with underlying notes of chocolate. The flavor begins with a dark caramel to medium toffee sweetness balanced by a firm citrus dryness and then moves into a forward malt character with hints of chocolate and rye in the finish and a lingering citrus and pine note. It pairs well with spiced ham and ridiculously warm winters. Enjoy one with the air conditioner turned down low.”