Beer # 80 Southern Tier Hoppe

Southern Tier Hoppe

Name: Hoppe

Style:  Imperial Extra Pale Ale

Brewery: Southern Tier Brewing Company website

Country: USA

Region:  Lakewood, New York

ABV: 8.0% Abv

How served: 22 oz bomber poured into a Hennepin glass.       

My Overall Opinion: Very Good.

I paired this beer with: 3rd beer of the night & used to erase the remaining taste of the Chapeau Winter Gueuze I had earlier tonight off my palate.   

Tasted on:  Monday February 22, 2010. 

Note:  What a great drinking beer, could this be a session beer?  No way it’s 8% abv so be careful.   I say find it & buy it, and you’ll like it.

 I feel better now, the taste of the Chapeau Winter Gueuze is finally gone.  It took 2 beers to do it, but it is gone!!

On the Label: Besides what is listed below “from their website”.  An Ale of Simple Composition. Don’t be deceived by the innocence of Hoppe.  Please enjoy in moderation. 

Alc: 8% by Vol.

19° plato

4.0° L

2-row pale malt, malted white wheat

Kettle hops:  Columbus

Aroma hops: Amarillo

Dry hop; Amarillo , Columbus

Store in a cool place

Serve chilled in a fluted glass

Best at 42° F ( 5.5° C)

From their website: hoppe Imperial Extra Pale Ale:

an ale of simple composition The simplicity of Hoppe tests the skill and ability of the brewer to create something truly majestic. We craft this much like a sculptor who uses only a hammer and chisel to shape stone into a masterpiece. Hoppe is spawned of these few essentials: barley, wheat, hops, yeast and water. This limited palette is an exercise in minimalism, with refined elements which are deliberately selected. This simple combination creates a golden shimmering brew infused with delicate aromas. The artful nature of this beer is exposed with the first taste. As the malt and hops create a composition of flavors, an elegant finish leaves an impression that your tastes will not soon forget.
8.3% abv. • 8.5ºL • Imperial Extra Pale Ale • 22 oz / 1/2 keg / 1/6 keg / (pronounced ‘hop’)

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