Beer # 90 Flying Dog Road Dog Porter

Flying Dog Road Dog Porter

Name: Road Dog Porter

Style: Porter


Brewery: Flying Dog Brewery. website

Country: USA

Region: Frederick, Maryland

ABV: 6.0% Abv

How served: 12oz capped bottle poured into a Chimay chalice.         

My Overall Opinion: Very Good. 

I paired this beer with: Smoked grilled tilapia.   The smoked tilapia paired very well with this porter.

Tasted on:  Wednesday March 25th, 2010. 

Note: This is one of the easiest drinking porters you can find.  I picked up a slight chocolate taste to go with a hint of smoke, which made it a good match with the smoked tilapia I had with it.

On the Label:  We spent four long years in court fighting for our first amendment right to display the phrase “Good Beer, No Shit” on every bottle of Road Dog.  In honor of sticking it to the man… This shit is some dark, rich and malty shit.  The best shit you’ll ever try and that’s no bullshit.

From their website: Blessed by Hunter S. Thompson… Road Dog Porter was our first beer to be illustrated by Ralph Steadman. This is a dark, rich and malty beer, with hints of chocolate and licorice resulting from the use of four prized malts. We also defended Road Dog’s honor when the Colorado state liquor board tried to ban us from selling it because “Good Beer, No Shit” was on the label. It took 5 years, but we won.

Brewers Breakdown:

ABV: 6.0%

Plato: 14

IBU’s: 31

Specialty Malts: 120L Crystal, Chocolate, Black

Hops: Warrior, Cascade

Process: A swam of bats often hovers over the brewhouse during brewing!

Road Dog Goes Well With:

  • · Grilled steak and salmon
  • · Desserts
  • · Anything with chocolate
  • · Dried fruits
  • · Dark and rich food

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