Beer # 93 Victory Wild Devil

Victory Wild Devil Ale

Name: Wild Devil Ale

Style: Belgian IPA

Brewery: Victory Brewing Company website

Country: USA

Region: Downingtown, Pennsylvania

ABV: 6.7% Abv

How served: 750ml caged and corked bottle poured into an Oerbier glass.        

My Overall Opinion: Very Good.

I paired this beer with: Publix lemon pepper rotisserie chicken (chicken in a bag).

Tasted on: Wednesday March 31th, 2010. 

Note: This beer was bottled on Jun 11 2009. This is a great twist on HopDevil, and reminded me a little of Houblon Chouffe Dobbelen IPA Tripel, but with a bit more “funk”.  Victory hit a home run on this Belgian style ale. 

On the Label:  It’s arguable that our menacingly delicious HopDevil has always been ‘wild’.  Though the India Pale Ale style that he represents was born in Great Britain, we approached the style with German malts and whole flower American hops, making a unique ale of him, indeed.  But what has made him truly wild is a change of yeast.  Brettanomyces yeast has given many a Belgian ale its soulful character of sharp tang and deep funk.  Fermented completely with brettanomyces, WildDevil features the greatest flavors of Europe and America combined.  Floral, aromatic hops still leap from this amber ale, but a whole host of new flavors are intertwined with the citrus and pine flavors of these hops, making WildDevil a sensation that is wild, worldly and wonderful!

From their website:

ABOUT: Bold, spicy, menacingly delicious HopDevil takes on an entirely new dimension when subjected to a ‘wild’ yeast fermentation. A sharp, tart edge has been added by this fermentation that plays into the caramel sweet malt deliciously and creates complex interplay with the citrus accented hops.

Malts:Imported, 2 row German malts
Hops:Whole flower American hops
Yeast: 100% laboratory grown Brettanomyces
Alcohol by Vol: 6.8%

750 ml bottle conditioned bottles year round; limited draft times

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