Huisbrouwerij Sint Canarus

Today’s Brewery of the Day:

Huisbrouwerij Sint Canarus

Polderweg 2 Deinze-Gottem Belgium

Huisbrouwerij Sint Canarus

We’ve just returned from France & Belgium where we met with some of the brewers and vendors for our upcoming October 27th –November 3rd Bon Beer Voyage beer tour:  “Grand Crus to Farmhouse Brews- A Beercation Cruise through Belgium & France”

During this trip we visited 3 fabulous breweries on the French side of the border, 5 on the Belgian side as well as one French genièvre distillery.  In France, we visited Brasserie St Germain, Brasserie Thiriez & Brasserie Bailleux (where we had lunch in their magnificent restaurant Au Baron). In Belgium, wevisited Brouwerij Rodenbach, Brouwerij St Bernardus, Brouwerij Van Eecke, Huisbrouwerij Sint Canarus & Chimay.

Over the next few days we will be highlighting each of the breweries on our tour as well as sharing some beery cool information on the beer scene in Lille.  For those who want a quick look at the amazing Day by Day Itinerary of the Grand Crus to Farmhouse Brews- A Beercation Cruise click here.

Brewery of the Day: Huisbrouwerij Sint Canarus

Huisbrouwerij Sint Canarus is the smaller building in this photo

Sint Canarus is an extremely small brewery which makes really “big” beers.  They are located about a half hour drive southwest of Gent in the small town of Gottem (for you Batman fans, you can call it Gottem City).

Dr Canarus

The owner and brew-master Piet Meirhaeghe – who is better known in the beer world as Dr. Canarus, has a very interesting sense of humor which he imparts on his brewery.  Both Dr. Canarus & his brewery get their name from a local drinking club, called “Semper Canarus” which translates to always drunk.  Also, the word canard meets duck, and if you see a duck walk we would say it waddles, or looks drunk, therefore the word canard is slang for a drunkard. 

Below you will see Dr. Canarus hard at work serving up some of his fantastic brews

Dr Canarus serving up some of the fabulous brews at Sint Canarus
Bottles for sale at Sint Canarus

Beers available at Sint Canarus the day we were there included:

Export, his Pilsner is 4.6%abv

Sint Canarus Tripel 7.5%abv

Sint Canarus Tripel

Maeght van Gottem (which translates to the Virgin of Gottem) is a Belgian Strong Pale Ale at 7.0%abv and inside every bottle, placed by hand, is a single hop cone.

Potteloereke 8% abv a Belgian Strong Dark Ale

Pere Canard, which would translate to drunk father was originally brewed for Christmas and is a Belgian Strong Dark Ale at 9%abv.

Sint Canarus Pere Canard

Sint Canarus 10 jaar 8.72%abv, his 10th anniversary brew, is a Belgian Strong Pale Ale

Rule of Thirds (Import Series Vol 4) is a Tripel at 8%abv.   A Saison Darkly (Import Series Vol 2) is a Saison at 8.0%abv. Both of these are collaborations with Stillwater Artisanal Ales and brewed here.

Here is Dr Canarus serving up Rule of Thirds (Import Series Vol 4)

Dr Canarus serving Rule of Thirds his collaboration with Stillwater Artisanal Ales

 Here is a peek at the “Large” brewery seen behind Ruth as she enjoys her Pere Canard:

Ruth enjoying her Pere Canard at Sint Carnarus

Currently, Potteloereke & Sint Canarus Tripel are their only “non- collaboration” beers which are being imported to the USA (12% Imports) and they not too easy to find-so we hope you’ll join us for our awesome upcoming beer trip  “Grand Crus to Farmhouse Brews- A Beercation Cruise through Belgium & France”  where you can enjoy these wonderful beers and experience the special humor of Dr. Canarus  yourself! 

Ruth & Mike at Sint Canarus

Cheers from Mike & Ruth! 

Bon Beer Voyage