Top 5 Beer Desserts

Top 5 Beer Desserts

As a dessert lover, my motto has always been:
“A meal is not complete- without a sweet!”-Ruth

Many people find it hard to consider beer as a dessert or part of a dessert pairing, but it’s really just as natural as pairing beer with food. There are so many great taste and flavor profiles in today’s beer that there is no reason to switch to coffee or port when the main course is finished.

Here are our Top 5 Favorite Desserts Paired with Beer:

1. Cupcakes and Beer

Yes, the cupcake craze is full swing here in the states and not even we were immune to it’s moist frosting covered charms. So on one of our beer tours, we rented out a cupcake restaurant and served the following pairings:

• Chocolate Cupcakes with Guinness Stout
• Lemon Cupcakes with Chimay White

2. Beer and Chocolate

Of course, with all the beers that are using chocolate profiles today, you’d think this would be a no brainer when coming up with pairings. Not. When we worked out the pairings for our tastings during our chocolate factory tour, we went through a lot of chocolate and an lot of beer. Like doesn’t automatically go with like, and opposites don’t always attract. However, when you find that perfect pairing, one and one make three and it’s heaven. The top 3 picks by the guests on our recent St. Augustine Beer Safari Trip were:

• Chimay Blue with Dark Chocolate Covered Caramels with Sea Salt
• Lindemans Framboise paired with 72% Dark Chocolate
• Stone Arrogant Bastard paired with Dat’l Pepper Chocolates

3. Beer in  Chocolates

Easier, of course, but just as delicious, is pairing a beer with a chocolate that is made with that beer- such as truffles made from Westvleteren 12 with a Westy or these little hop leaf shaped chocolates made with the Watou Tripel from St. Bernardus and of course, paired with the same tasty beer.

4. Girl Scout Cookies and Beer

This is becoming more and more popular as we see pairings done at local breweries and beer dinners around the country. One of the favorites seems to be Tagalongs and various stouts…varying, of course on what is available locally during Girl Scout cookie season!

5. Real Beer Floats

This grown up version is just as delicious as the ice cream floats from your childhood, only it can pack a punch when it is paired with a high percentage stout! Make sure to serve with a long spoon to get every last drop and always use a high quality ice cream that is worthy of the beer you are floating it in!