Trip Insurance for Your Beer Trip

Beer Trip & Beer Tour Insurance

There is one Really Cool Travel/Trip Insurance Option you Should Be Aware of When Planning Your Beer Trip-

It is known as a Business or Professional Package.

What’s great about this is that will cover you if your psycho boss decides (after you’ve booked your non-refundable trip) that he is not giving you the time off that he promised! It also covers for some other reasons as well, based on, of course, certain conditions.

Here is an example of the coverage details from one of the companies we like:


If the Insured purchased Cancel for Business Reason coverage, the Trip Cancellation Benefits and Trip Interruption Benefits coverage will be extended to include the following unforeseeable events that occur while coverage is in effect:

1. you or your Traveling Companion is required to work during the Covered Trip. A notarized written statement by a company officer and/or the Human Resources department demonstrating revocation of previously approved time off will be required;

2. you or your Traveling Companion’s place of employment is rendered unsuitable for business due to burglary, fire, flood, volcano, earthquake, hurricane, or other natural disaster and the Insured or Traveling Companion is required to work as a result;

3. you or your Traveling Companion is directly involved in the merger of his or her employer or the acquisition of his or her employer by another company;

4. You or Your Traveling Companion have a previously approved military leave revoked or experience a military re-assignment.

So basically,It works like this:
You book a trip a year in advance, being given the okay to do so from your superiors (since you gave such great advance notice). Then,6 months later you find out that the boss’ daughter decides to get married the same week as your trip so now the boss is taking off and needs you to be around to take care of things while he’s in Paris with the wedding party! You won’t be able to go on your trip, but the trip insurance will cover your non-refundable deposit and then you can spend the money on a new suit for job interviews with a better company!


Ever get stuck at the airport because of a delayed flight? Heck, running late wouldn’t suck so much if you were able to quaff free drinks and munch on snacks in a cozy club chair, checking out your FB page with free wifi…

If your Covered Trip is delayed for 5 hours or more, we will reimburse you, for the following covered expenses. Covered expenses include:

1. up to $25 for expenses incurred, that are directly related to internet usage fees during the time you

are experiencing a Common Carrier delay;

2. up to $25, for airline club admission expenses incurred at a sponsored airline club at the airport.

Receipts for the expenses incurred must be submitted for reimbursement.Trip Delay must be caused by or result from:

1. Common Carrier delay; or

2. loss or theft of your passport(s), travel documents or money; or

3. quarantine; or hijacking; or a civil disorder;

4. natural disaster or closure of public roadways by government authorities; or

5. a documented traffi c accident while you are en route to departure;

6. unannounced strike.


Nothin’ worse than dropping your cell phone into a public toilet- ugghh!
Oh come on, like you haven’t done this?

The Company will reimburse you up to a maximum of $500, subject to a $150 Deductible per occurrence for loss, theft or damage to a laptop, PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), cell phone or other professional equipment provided you have taken all reasonable measures to protect, save and/or recover your property at all times. The laptop, PDA, cell phone or other professional equipment must accompany you during the Covered Trip. In case of loss, theft, or damage to your laptop, PDA, cell phone or other professional equipment you must report the incident to the airline, airport, local police or other such local authorities and obtain their written report of your loss.

Point is, there is good coverage out there, and you can find trip insurance that applies to your particular needs. There are policies that cover weather related cancellations for people who are in sporting competitions, there are policies that cover your stolen kayak,or cover you and give you extra medical coverage if you are into stuff like skydiving or bungee jumping(many policies exclude this).

BEST ADVICE: get some kind of coverage, because life happens. Make sure you READ the policy’s terms and conditions and don’t pay for coverage you don’t need, but make sure that the policy includes the coverage that you do need. Talk to your travel agent, call the insurance company, ask questions and CYA! Then go and have fun!

We are happy to help you shop around for a policy that works for you.
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