Visit Westvletern and taste their brews at In de Vrede

I really  enjoyed the tour. I was very impressed about the preparation for the tour by  Mike and Ruth. I have been on trips in which breweries or restaurants were  surprised to see us when we showed up. That is not a good thing but never  happened with Ruth & Mike. Mike “straight shot” Arra knows the cities very  well and can point you in the right direction to get a great beer experience & more than likely he will join you. I was truly impressed with Bosteels and  De Dolle. I was pleasantly surprised with the welcome that they gave us and the  access they gave us to their brewery and livelihood. Standing alongside the  brewery workers at Bosteels was very rare especially since we were in Belgium.  I  stood next to them as they added hops to Triple Karmeliet. I have never seen  that before in any brewery. Having the opportunity to buy Westvleteren #12 was  rare as well & let’s not forget that we attended a prayer service with the  monks at Westvleteren. That was an experience for me forsure!

– Steve K., Westmont, IL