8 Fun Gift Ideas for Beer & Wine Lovers

 As beer and/or wine lovers, we sometimes get so into our hobbies- learning about styles or processes, checking the reviews, recording our own ratings, following social media, collecting rare bottles, etc.,  that we start taking things too seriously and forget the fun aspect of beer and wine that probably got us interested in the first place. So here are a few gift ideas to bring the fun back!

A Winning Combo for Book Lovers and Art Lovers Alike



If your gift recipient is looking to learn more about craft beer, but prefers learning in a more casual, relaxed fashion, Hooray for Craft Beer by the talented visual educator, Em Sauter, is the perfect gift.  An award-winning cartoonist who is also an Advanced Cicerone and international beer judge, Em has made learning about beer easy and enjoyable with her latest, cartoon-style book.


While Beer Geeks will easily recognize the art of Ralph Steadman, who has been creating label art for Flying Dog Brewery for three decades. Wine lovers will love Steadman’s illustrations and tales of the wine regions and winemaking process found in The Grapes of Ralph: Wine According to Ralph Steadman.  A perfect gift for armchair travelers as well, this coffee table book makes for a great read with a glass of your favorite beverage.

It’s all Fun and Games

Remember how much fun Mad Libs were when you were a kid?  Easy to take with you on a road trip, to the bar or just for the heck of it anytime, here are Mad Libs themed to match your favorite adult beverage. Makes a fun stocking stuffer.



Mad Libs for Wine drinkers:



Mad Libs for Beer drinkers:

Just for the Fun of It


What do you get for someone who likes everything and has everything? One of those gifts that will sit on their desk and look cool, like this tic tac toe beer vs wine set.  It would definitely be a much cooler gift – and you would be a much better friend – if you replaced the playing pieces with real bottles- just sayin’.

An Evening’s Entertainment

Murder mystery dinners are a great way to have friends over for dinner, drinks and a night of entertainment!  You can plan your menu ahead (some kits even come with menu suggestions) and enjoy your favorite beverages throughout the evening.  We have used a number of brands over the years.  The “How to Host a Murder” series, which we’ve used many times are available on Amazon, although they seem to be a bit pricey lately. We also found a list of other brands on this site that might be worth checking out. We even found a beer themed murder mystery, however, it is might be a bit outdated as the notes say it is the cassette edition ! 
You could skip the mystery and instead invite your gift recipient to take part in a Beer-Paired Dinner, Wine-Paired Dinner or Beer vs Wine Dinner.  Host one yourself or google to see what is going on nearby for your gift recipients.  These are really fun, especially if you have friends whose beverage preferences differ greatly from your own.

If your gift recipient is someone really special, then you might want to consider bringing them along on our new Provence Dreams Vacation, where we will be hosting a  One-of-a-Kind Wine Vs Beer Dinner at a Michelin-Starred Restaurant! And yes, of course this is a plug, but it is so awesome that we had to throw it out there!

Beer and Chocolate.  Wine and Chocolate. What More is There to Say? Chocolate Makes Everything Fun.

Separately and together, these make great gifts. You can work with this theme on so many levels- from buying chocolates that were created to pair with certain beers or wines from your local liquor store, to creating your own pairing baskets, to chocolates infused with your gift recipients favorite beer, wine or liquor- or best of all – join us for one of our 2023 itineraries that include chocolate pairing or tastings…such as our Asheville Beer Safari Weekend, our Beer and Chocolate Lovers Belgium Beercation Cruise or our Provence Dreams Tour. Regardless, it will be a sweet gift!