Beer-sicles, Baseball & Breweries with Your Besties

Beer-Infused Summer Fun

Summer and Beer – a natural pairing. What could be more refreshing than a cool beer on a hot day? As the craft beer movement continues to blanket the country, great beer is now available more than ever to pair with your summer fun.

Baseball & Craft Beer = Home Run!
Sports Illustrated - Yankee Stadium beersEveryone knows nothing goes together better than beer and baseball.  But until a few years ago, baseball fans have had to make do with the commercial big guns and those from companies or distributors who sponsored the stadium concessions.  Nowadays, there are a host of stadiums with great local craft beer, and even better, there are a number of stadiums with breweries!  Sports Illustrated recently posted a great guide to finding craft beer at your favorite field.

Guinness Fudgesicles – Femme FraîcheHops in Pops
Popsicles have been a summer staple for almost a century.  Growing up in suburban NJ, summer was officially underway when it was hot enough to run through the lawn sprinklers to cool off, catch lightning bugs (aka fireflies) in a mason jar, and when our parents gave us change to buy treats when Sam-the-Ice-Cream-Man came around the corner, his truck chiming his arrival with the Tarantella or some other tinkly ice cream truck song.  Then came the toughest decision we had to make as kids: Fudgsicle or Popsicle? While times and our tastes may have changed, you can still have your treats and there are now grown up versions that are beer-infused. (Imagine if the Beer Truck from the golf course got together with the Good Humor Truck!) Commercial versions are available but if you want to have create your own craft-sicles, recipes can be found in abundance on the web. Two picks to try: Guinness Fudgesicles from Femme Fraîche and Lemon Pale Ale Pops from The Beeroness.

Dogs on Tap - Dog Friendly Brewery List4-Legged Favorite Drinking Companions
For those who love their pets as much as their craft beer, chillin’ at a brewery with Rover (or Porter, Chimay, Stout and all the other beer-centric names our friends have given to their canine pals) on a sunny afternoon is pretty much the best of all possible worlds. Fortunately, nowadays pet friendly taprooms are popping up all over.  So much in fact, that Dogs on Tap has taken on the task of creating a database of dog friendly breweries. Just pull up the site, then click on the map to your location and find out where to spend your next lazy Sunday afternoon!

Not sure if your fuzzy friend is up to socializing in a crowded taproom or biergarten?  Check out these tips on Brewery Etiquette for Dogs by our guest bloggers from PetPride before you head out on your next beer-venture.

What is your favorite way to incorporate beer into your summer? Beer and BBQ?  Beach Bar Beers?  Drop us a line or send us a message on FB, Instagram or twitter and show us how you are celebrating your summer with beer!