Ruth and Mike made this trip unforgettable. From meals to tours and everything in between. You just showed up and away you went. The breweries treated everyone to a red carpet experience. I can’t wait for my next beercation.

– Jodi W., St. Francis, WI

I was blown away at Ruth and Mike’s gift for knowing their guests. Though there were others on the trip, I always felt special and important and that was a great feeling. They certainly know the best of the best (breweries, pubs, eateries, and key sights to see), and it was clear that they are well liked AND respected in the industry. At many breweries they were welcomed as longtime friends, and that was true for other establishments as well. I have no doubt that I would book another tour with Bon Beer Voyage if I have the opportunity again, I’m actually counting on it. . Thank you Ruth and Mike for such a wonderful time.

– Kat D., Boca Raton, FL

Everyone keeps asking me what my favorite part of the trip was and I can never give a straight answer because there were too many awesome things! It was amazing to see so many cool breweries I couldn’t do on my own. Food, transport and accommodations were great. Everything was taken care of! Can’t wait to go again!

– Elizabeth Smith, Brooklyn, NY
Anita Enjoying her Westvleteren 12

Mike and Ruth opened my eyes to the beautiful world of beer. I still cannot believe how many unique and interesting breweries I was exposed to. I am taking my new found education and expanding my horizons here at home. Thanks again for a fabulous and delicious vacation! 

– Anita E., Alexandria, VA

A Beer Vacationers Review: It was a Dream Week…A Beer Fantasy!

– Scott Lipoff, Gainesville, FL

A friend of mine told me that this is the one tour to take before you die. He was right. It’s an amazing way to learn in depth about beer, meet and spend time with the brewers, tour historic places, and make new friends.

– Rob Lloyd, Boca Raton, FL

Ruth and Mike have created a tour that is heaven for a beer geek!

– Erin Moffat, Ontario, Canada

Ruth and Mike have planned out every detail of a grand trip. If you want a fun vacation with lots of happy travelers, try a Beercation !!

– E. L., Gainesville, FL

This was my second time. Obviously, it had to be good for me to do it twice. Second time was as much fun as the first, even though I had visited the same places two years earlier. Just a terrific way to get around and sample great beers. I can’t think of anything better.

– Steve Meiss, Chicago, IL

It was about as close to the perfect vacation as we have ever gotten! Everything thought out and planned perfectly. Tasted many new (to me) great beers that I would never have had the opportunity to experience, saw some great places in the least stressful way possible and made many new friends.

– Scott Lipoff, Gainesville, FL

If you enjoy beer and beer culture, Bon Beer Voyage is a MUST DO on your bucket list!!!

– A.S., Lutz, FL

Bon Beer Voyage wonderfully combines great people, great places, great beer, and great food in a memorable package that is simply top notch.

– Jeff Evans, Alexandria, Virginia
Beercation and Brewery Tour to Rodenbach

Thanks Ruth and Mike for another wonderful Beercation. Our expectations were high after having such a great time with you last year traveling from Amsterdam to Bruges. Once again, you exceeded our expectations! The range of breweries was fabulous from the back room brew kettle at Canarus and the endless aging barrels at Rodenbach to the fully modern operation at Chimay. The group was great and the crew of the Iris made our time on the barge lots of fun. We’re looking forward to traveling with you again!

– Karen & Joe Levendusky, Groton, MA
D. B. on Brewery Tour in St Augustine

Ruth and Mike are really “dialed in” to the travel industry. They understand what their customers want and provide it at a good value. I am looking forward to taking part in different tours in the future. Good Times!!

– D.B., Jupiter, FL
D & J B Beer Trip to St Augustine

The St. Augustine Beer Safari weekend was beyond expectations. Ruth and Michael’s attention to detail is second to none. I thoroughly enjoyed everything from the tasty food and beer parings to the tour of the city and breweries. And let’s not forget the Chocolate and…BEER! What a great way to spend the weekend. Thank you Bon Beer Voyage!

– Julie B., Jupiter, FL
Janet H on Beer tour in St Augustine

The chocolate-beer pairing was a winner, with each pair better than the last.  All of the food was fantastic and the beer selections made them even more tasty.  Ruth and Mike did their homework so that all we had to do was eat, drink and enjoy!

– Janet H., Boca Raton, FL
Beer Vacation to In de Vrede for Westvleteren

I really appreciated how you all arranged to get special tours/tastings at many of the breweries- it adds a special element to the trip that takes it to the next level when we get the VIP treatment and tours from the absolute experts.  It was a fabulous tour in every respect. The balance achieved with herding 20 beer-happy people through lots of logistics, transportation and schedules while keeping them happy, well-fed, relaxed, and full of beer was amazing.

– Angela Jones, Falls Church, VA


– Bill "Boli" Washawanny
Beer Vacation to Bruges

Mike and Ruth plan the most amazing beer tours. This is our second  beer tour with them.They research each stop thoroughly, plan the day well, make sure you have adequate time to enjoy the site and the beer, and really go out of their way to make it both educational and fun. Don’t hesitate to go on one of their beer trips, you won’t regret it!

– Bill McFee, Boca Raton, FL

It was fun to meet new people from different areas. And of course, it was exciting to taste so many new beers and hear the opinions of others. Was fun to be around so many beer lovers.

– S. A., Coral Springs, Florida

Ruth and Mike are experts in both travel and beer, and where these intersect you have Bon Beer Voyage–a unique and unforgettable experience for the beer enthusiast. Their brewery contacts and knowledge of the local pub scenes are otherwise inaccessible to the ordinary traveler, and the trip itinerary is well-organized and provides the right balance between scheduled time and free time. All-in-all this is a bucket-list type trip, but even though I’ve now “checked the box” I would love to do a Beercation again!

– David S., Norfolk, VA

The barge is great!

Beer travel with a private chef on-board the barge makes a beercation cruse with Bon Beer Voyage a gourmet experience.

Ruth and Mike are a wealth of information on the different cities and breweries that you will visit. Being on the barge made the trip so enjoyable, and exceeded our expectations. Having everything done for you, the tours, food and transportation, made for a stress free way to experience Amsterdam and Belgium. We look forward to traveling with them again.

– Karan K., Westmont, IL

I’ve said before that I like your tours –you put a lot of thought into them and it shows. I can depend on you to provide some very special elements. I was very happy with the mix of breweries–large and small. I know you put a lot of work into these tours, and I know that they must take a lot out of you, but you never seem to tire.  I’ve been very pleased, and so I’ll borrow and re-interpret the name of Anthony Bourdain’s TV show: I have “No Reservations” about recommending what you do.

– Michael Walsh, Las Cruces, New Mexico

It’s perfect, the most laid back way to explore and drink the best beers in the world!