Too much food…just kidding! Beds were amazingly comfortable, and the lovely touches were all appreciated. 

– Pam & Sharon, Berkely, CA
Barge mooring in Tournai next to the Le Pont des Trous

The Fiep was very nice.  Capt. Harrie and crew were awesome and the ship was in great condition. This boat is a great setup. Rooms were larger than anticipated. Always clean. Even the bathroom was decent size for where we were. Food was excellent.

– Gary S., Melbourne, FL
Washington, DC Beer Safari Weekend 2015

The way the trip was planned, to me was the best. You guys do a great job with amazing prep work to make it an unforgettable experience. I didn’t have to worry about anything at all. It was just so easy to come, drink and have a blast and meet some amazing people. I’d highly recommend this to anyone just starting to love beer, or a seasoned beer pro!

– Jim B.
Washington, DC Beer Safari Weekend 2015

Great group of people. Loved DC. Lots of beer and fun. No driving. Easy to get to and from airport and the hotel. Love traveling with you guys and leaving the tour guiding to someone else!

– Sharon Frank
Washington, DC Beer Safari Weekend 2015

Ruth and Mike make your beercation a breeze. They plan everything for you so you don’t have to worry about anything except for which beer you want to try. It doesn’t matter if you are a beer newbie or a beer nerd, you will have a great time on your trip. Thanks for a great weekend! 

– Jodi W.
Washington, DC Beer Safari Weekend 2015

Loved the tour and can’t wait for the next one.  Mike and Ruth go above and beyond making the trip both unique and informative – from the walking tour (with beer facts thrown in) to the private brewery tours and beer inspired dinners, I experienced DC in a new and fun way with a group of like-minded people from various parts of the country.

– Anne Ciccio

It was incredible from start to finish! I can’t say enough about how wonderful a time we had.  For those beer-lovers who are like me and typically plan out every minor detail for vacations, it’s really nice to go on a vacation in which everything is already planned out for you. You are able to sit back and enjoy. I was especially grateful for the emails detailing out the itinerary and the route to take from the airport to the hotel – thank you!!

– Jessica de la Torre, Boca Raton, FL
Washington DC Beer Safari 2015

Ruth and Mike really know their beer. They make the trip interesting with their knowledge. Also, somehow they manage to round everyone up and be on time! If you have a special request for food or other needs, they are there to help you. Great job!

– Marianne Lucas

It’s the best group tour I’ve taken because it  really didn’t feel like a group tour. You (Ruth and Mike) really made it great!

– Suzanne C., Venice Beach, CA

They (Ruth and Mike) were very helpful in any special needs you might have for food or hotel room accommodations. They chose great places for both beer and the meals served. The whole weekend was very special. Totally enjoyed the experience and looking forward to the next tour we take!

– M. Lucas, Port St. Lucie, FL

The coordinators are fun and knowledgeable about the areas visited. You can tell they really take the time to plan the best experience. 10/10 will book again.

– Matt C., Tallahassee, Florida

The tours, food and accommodations were all great. The Friday night beer tasting at the hotel was my favorite. Always learn a lot from Mike and the other guests at these. As usual, well-planned and executed. A fun and educational weekend full of great beer, food and pleasant company. 

– Scott Lipoff, Gainesville, FL

What a fun time! Food was great. So nice to be with people who have a passion for beer. Always a Class A trip with Ruth and Mike! Attention to detail in everything. We look forward to another Bon Beer Voyage trip in the near future!

– Karan Kolwitz, Chicago IL

I like the organization that Mike and Ruth put into their trips. I have traveled on my own to Europe and here in the US in search of beer but it is hard to do on your own. The hardest part is trying to enjoy a few beers and then driving. With a Bon Beer Voyage trip you don’t have to worry about that. Mike and Ruth take good care of you and you can relax and have as few or as many beers as you want without having to hit the road behind the wheel. The (European) barge trips are great too because the beers are excellent and you only have to unpack once. Your barge hotel follows along with you! Have been impressed with Mike & Ruth for the trips I have been on. Will definitely try our best to make another trip with them soon.

– Steve K., Chicago IL

I have been recommending your beercations to many people. I will continue to do so, I had the most amazing time and truly appreciate what you guys do! Thank you for such a great trip, for surpassing my expectations. This trip was the highlight of my year! I had an amazing time, the time of my life actually! It was totally worth every penny! This was not your typical touristy vacation with cookie cutter tours and guides. Our days were packed full of awesome, fully immersing us in the rich history of beer in the area. For once, time didn’t fly by while I was having fun. I really felt like I was getting the most out of my days on beercation. Mike and Ruth really know how to put on a beercation! P.S. Be prepared to eat very well!

– Tina J., St. Cloud, MN

Best Vacation Ever!

– Michelle Hopkins, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I loved all the breweries we visited. It seemed we were behind the scenes and/or VIP. I’ve never had such amazing brewery experiences before, and even learned how to pour a Belgian beer correctly!

Read more about our tour as Tina, aka The Beer Baroness, has a summary of her beercation with us on her blog:

The Beer Baroness summary of her pre-beercation experiance

My European Beercation – July 2014 – Day 3 (Amsterdam)

– Tina J., St. Cloud, MN

This tour was part of our 30th anniversary celebration, and it was perfect. As new brewers, we learned so much about the traditional flavors, and came home inspired to try different styles!  Ruth and Mike are knowledgeable and attentive guides, and having the barge to come “home” to was great. Thanks for the many memories, we will be back!!

– Deb N. & Andres N., Boston, MA

Great tour, great people, great beer!! Best vacation we’ve had in a long time. Great first time experience in Europe.. Both of you were very helpful and knowledgeable about all the places we went .Plan to go again in future.  Hats off to both of you for making it a memorable vacation.

– Tony P., Tustin, CA

Ruth and Mike made this trip unforgettable. From meals to tours and everything in between. You just showed up and away you went. The breweries treated everyone to a red carpet experience. I can’t wait for my next beercation.

– Jodi W., St. Francis, WI

I was blown away at Ruth and Mike’s gift for knowing their guests. Though there were others on the trip, I always felt special and important and that was a great feeling. They certainly know the best of the best (breweries, pubs, eateries, and key sights to see), and it was clear that they are well liked AND respected in the industry. At many breweries they were welcomed as longtime friends, and that was true for other establishments as well. I have no doubt that I would book another tour with Bon Beer Voyage if I have the opportunity again, I’m actually counting on it. . Thank you Ruth and Mike for such a wonderful time.

– Kat D., Boca Raton, FL

Everyone keeps asking me what my favorite part of the trip was and I can never give a straight answer because there were too many awesome things! It was amazing to see so many cool breweries I couldn’t do on my own. Food, transport and accommodations were great. Everything was taken care of! Can’t wait to go again!

– Elizabeth Smith, Brooklyn, NY
Anita Enjoying her Westvleteren 12

Mike and Ruth opened my eyes to the beautiful world of beer. I still cannot believe how many unique and interesting breweries I was exposed to. I am taking my new found education and expanding my horizons here at home. Thanks again for a fabulous and delicious vacation! 

– Anita E., Alexandria, VA

A Beer Vacationers Review: It was a Dream Week…A Beer Fantasy!

– Scott Lipoff, Gainesville, FL

A friend of mine told me that this is the one tour to take before you die. He was right. It’s an amazing way to learn in depth about beer, meet and spend time with the brewers, tour historic places, and make new friends.

– Rob Lloyd, Boca Raton, FL

Ruth and Mike have created a tour that is heaven for a beer geek!

– Erin Moffat, Ontario, Canada