D & J B Beer Trip to St Augustine

The St. Augustine Beer Safari weekend was beyond expectations. Ruth and Michael’s attention to detail is second to none. I thoroughly enjoyed everything from the tasty food and beer parings to the tour of the city and breweries. And let’s not forget the Chocolate and…BEER! What a great way to spend the weekend. Thank you Bon Beer Voyage!

– Julie B., Jupiter, FL
Janet H on Beer tour in St Augustine

The chocolate-beer pairing was a winner, with each pair better than the last.  All of the food was fantastic and the beer selections made them even more tasty.  Ruth and Mike did their homework so that all we had to do was eat, drink and enjoy!

– Janet H., Boca Raton, FL
Beer Vacation to In de Vrede for Westvleteren

I really appreciated how you all arranged to get special tours/tastings at many of the breweries- it adds a special element to the trip that takes it to the next level when we get the VIP treatment and tours from the absolute experts.  It was a fabulous tour in every respect. The balance achieved with herding 20 beer-happy people through lots of logistics, transportation and schedules while keeping them happy, well-fed, relaxed, and full of beer was amazing.

– Angela Jones, Falls Church, VA


– Bill "Boli" Washawanny
Beer Vacation to Bruges

Mike and Ruth plan the most amazing beer tours. This is our second  beer tour with them.They research each stop thoroughly, plan the day well, make sure you have adequate time to enjoy the site and the beer, and really go out of their way to make it both educational and fun. Don’t hesitate to go on one of their beer trips, you won’t regret it!

– Bill McFee, Boca Raton, FL
Fort in St Augustine

It was fun to meet new people from different areas. And of course, it was exciting to taste so many new beers and hear the opinions of others. Was fun to be around so many beer lovers.

– S. A., Coral Springs, Florida

Ruth and Mike are experts in both travel and beer, and where these intersect you have Bon Beer Voyage–a unique and unforgettable experience for the beer enthusiast. Their brewery contacts and knowledge of the local pub scenes are otherwise inaccessible to the ordinary traveler, and the trip itinerary is well-organized and provides the right balance between scheduled time and free time. All-in-all this is a bucket-list type trip, but even though I’ve now “checked the box” I would love to do a Beercation again!

– David S., Norfolk, VA

The barge is great!

Beer travel with a private chef on-board the barge makes a beercation cruse with Bon Beer Voyage a gourmet experience.

Ruth and Mike are a wealth of information on the different cities and breweries that you will visit. Being on the barge made the trip so enjoyable, and exceeded our expectations. Having everything done for you, the tours, food and transportation, made for a stress free way to experience Amsterdam and Belgium. We look forward to traveling with them again.

– Karan K., Westmont, IL

I’ve said before that I like your tours –you put a lot of thought into them and it shows. I can depend on you to provide some very special elements. I was very happy with the mix of breweries–large and small. I know you put a lot of work into these tours, and I know that they must take a lot out of you, but you never seem to tire.  I’ve been very pleased, and so I’ll borrow and re-interpret the name of Anthony Bourdain’s TV show: I have “No Reservations” about recommending what you do.

– Michael Walsh, Las Cruces, New Mexico

It’s perfect, the most laid back way to explore and drink the best beers in the world!

Hats off to you both, Ruth and Mike! You went the extra mile to ensure we individually and collectively had a wonderful experience. I’ve repeatedly said that this beercation exceeded my expectations! You did an outstanding job of selecting accommodations, breweries, and tours. The food on board was exceptional also. Thank you!

– Treva Jenkins

It’s been incredible!

There is no other way to visit Belgium than with your own “personal beer guide”! Mike really knows his way around the beers and bars of Belgium. It was awesome touring with him. I’m looking forward to joining in again soon on another Bon Beer Voyage adventure!

– Dr. R. Gottesman, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Hi Michael and Ruth, You two did a marvelous job in providing one of the best “beer tours” I’ve been on! Keep up the good work!

– W.T., Boynton Beach, FL

My girlfriend and I recently joined Bon Beer Voyage for a beer safari weekend to Tampa, FL. We had a great time. Mike and Ruth put together a fantastic itinerary for this trip that included private brewery tours, a guided walking tour of Ybor City, a stop at the sponge docks of Tarpon Springs and wonderful beer and food pairing dinners. The accommodations were top notch and the bonding with the other safari members over beers in the hotel lobby after a long day of touring, drinking and eating was definitely a highlight of our weekend. Some of the folks we met on this tour had also been on the Bon Beer Voyage Belgium beer vacation and they raved about the experience all weekend long. Mike and Ruth are not only extremely knowledgeable about the beers we sampled and the places we visited, they are both genuinely nice people. They were extremely gracious and approachable and more than happy to share with us their vast experiences in traveling for beer. Both my girlfriend and I felt we definitely got our money’s worth on this trip. We can’t wait to go on another of Bon Beer Voyage’s safari weekends. St. Augustine, here we come.

– Stu Luks

We had been on a previous Belgian beer tour and thought the Bon Beer Voyage trip was superior! The amenities and food on the barge were excellent. All of the sites had been carefully chosen, well researched, and were presented well. We had a guided tour of each city and there was a great selection of breweries. The trip was very well thought out. Most of all, it was great fun. Highly recommended!

– Maria and Bill McFee, Boca Raton, FL

I had a fantastic time on the Tampa Beer Safari. I really appreciate the hospitality and the extra special touches Mike and Ruth put into the trip. Thanks for a great experience!

– Laura Sanagorski, West Palm Beach, FL

Great experience! Our highlights were getting to know the people after the scheduled events!! Great group of people with a vast amount of beer knowledge that loved to have a good time… we couldn’t ask for anything more!!! Thank you for organizing such a relaxing, fun (and educational) weekend!

– Dave and Carol D.

The experience that Ruth and Mike have, along with the passion for touring and enthusiasm for craft beer is a very contagious mix.

– Dan M., Stamford, CT
Beer Trip To Bruges & Amsterdam

I had a great time and I honestly can’t think of anything to improve except to make the trip longer (and that has its own issues, of course). I could have spent the whole time only in Amsterdam or Antwerp or Ghent or Bruges, actually, and not run out of things to do and see. The food on-board especially was better than I expected -I was prepared for merely adequate food. It was great! One of my favorite things turned out to be the trip on the boat from Ghent to Bruges. Actually being on the boat traveling on the scenic small canals… it was very memorable. Thanks for a fantastic experience!

– Amy S., San Jose, CA

I loved the idea of making beer a theme, and I loved the idea of a barge. It was a great way to have the experience of both. Ruth and Mike are great people, especially for a trip like this: they clearly love what they do and love this sort of specialized trip. It’s clearly  not just a job.

– Michael W., Las Cruces, New Mexico

Ruth and Mike – you are a wonderful couple and a blast to travel with. You work perfectly together since you both have your own strengths. This trip was more than we ever imagined it to be. It was an amazing way to spend our First Anniversary celebration! I loved that the trip included taking in some culture and seeing the sites. Dan & I have been on many beer trips. On most of them we come home “beered out” – this wasn’t the case with our Beercation!! The first and only time we had “just the right amount of beer!” The visit to Willigen Cheese Farm was one of my favorite stops. Delicious…We love you guys!

– Anne Marie Martich, Stamford, CT

You (Ruth) and Mike did an excellent job. You exceeded all our expectations! All the beer dinner pairings were beautifully matched with the  courses. You obviously did your homework with each and every pairing. Mike made me feel like he knew the territory like a native, and was more than happy to hear others’ suggestions yet humbly making better suggestions. You guys make a great team! Keep up the good work!”

– Dan M., Stamford, CT

The weekend was great! We had a blast!

– Heather B., Coconut Creek, FL