Mike and Ruth took care of everything that we needed for the weekend. The only thing you need to bring is your suitcase and nothing more. It was great.

– Sharon C., Pompano Beach, FL

We were very pleased with the tour. Both Mike and Ruth were very knowledgeable about the area, beer, and how each beer complimented the paired foods. They were very approachable gave us a great experience.

– Ed R., Oviedo, FL

This trip met every fantasy I had in my head about it!

We wanna go again!

Everything on this whole trip has been beyond our expectations!

Tampa Bay 2010 Beer Safari Tour

We had a blast on the Tampa Beer Safari. The weekend was a mug full of great beer tastings, fun visits, great people and tasty food!  We’re glad you did all the scheduling, planning, and chauffeuring because it left us with more time to enjoy the beer! We loved that we could enjoy so many options in one fantastic beer tour weekend! Thanks!

– Nina and Bill Washawanny, N. Palm Beach, FL

 Mike and Ruth are boundless in their enthusiasm and are clearly fully committed to ensuring that everything is perfect!

– Steve Meiss, Chicago, IL
Carlo Grootaert from De Struise shared some great stories and some great beers!

It was a well-organized tour, with a good mix of organized activities and opportunities for on-your-own adventures. We visited great breweries, enjoyed great food, and spent time with a congenial group of fellow lovers of great beers. What a spectacular adventure! When I described it to one of my beer-loving friends, he said it was a “bucket-list” event. If you like great beer, great scenery, great food, great history and great company, this is a great tour for you!

– L.W., St. Louis, MO

The trip was awesome! The barge was bigger than I expected. The food was fantastic, one of the highlights of the trip. It was like having gourmet food at every lunch and dinner on the barge. How can I comment about the brewery visits except to say that they were all awesome! Going to Westvleteren was a bucket list visit for me. De Molen and De Struise were excellent surprises. And, ending with De Dolle was awesome I would highly recommend your tour to people who are interested in great beer.

– Robert F., Fredericksburg, VA

Before we went on the tour we said “This would be the trip of a lifetime” well guess what? We want to do the tour again!

– Jule Rastikis, Beavercreek, OH
Beer Trip to Brouwerij De Molen

I loved the idea of making beer a theme, and I loved the idea of a barge. It was a great way to have the experience of both. Ruth and Mike are great people, especially for a trip like this: they clearly love what they do and love this  sort of specialized trip. It’s clearly not just a job.

– Michael W. Las Cruces, Las Cruces, NM

Bon Beer Voyage tours have to be the best in the business. Mike and Ruth go to  great lengths to make them fun and informative. The selection of breweries they visit is amazing and they always include a tour of each new city as well, so that you can learn some of the history and architecture in each city. There is plenty of “free time” with well written guides to each city to allow for self exploring. Traveling on the barge is so easy, leave your luggage one time and travel to many different locations. The meals on the barge are top notch gourmet meals. The special beer pairing meals are exquisite. They do an amazing job planning and organizing these trips, I can’t recommend them enough. Cheers to Bon Beer Voyage

– Bill McFee, Boca Raton, FL
The barge we use for our Beer Trip and Beer Tour of Belgium, France and Holland

This is a fabulous way to experience great beer and breweries. The barge was a wonderful way to tour the different cities from Amsterdam to Brugges and not worry about driving, luggage, meals, etc. We loved the beer, the sights,and the great people on the tour. Ruth and Mike are so knowledgeable and fun, we can’t wait to tour with them again!

– Joe and Karen Levendusky, Groton, MA

\Good beer. Great company. Fine food. Top flight accommodations.

– Robert Hindmarsh, Livermore, CA
Visit Westvletern and taste their brews at In de Vrede

I really  enjoyed the tour. I was very impressed about the preparation for the tour by  Mike and Ruth. I have been on trips in which breweries or restaurants were  surprised to see us when we showed up. That is not a good thing but never  happened with Ruth & Mike. Mike “straight shot” Arra knows the cities very  well and can point you in the right direction to get a great beer experience & more than likely he will join you. I was truly impressed with Bosteels and  De Dolle. I was pleasantly surprised with the welcome that they gave us and the  access they gave us to their brewery and livelihood. Standing alongside the  brewery workers at Bosteels was very rare especially since we were in Belgium.  I  stood next to them as they added hops to Triple Karmeliet. I have never seen  that before in any brewery. Having the opportunity to buy Westvleteren #12 was  rare as well & let’s not forget that we attended a prayer service with the  monks at Westvleteren. That was an experience for me forsure!

– Steve K., Westmont, IL

Let me start with – a blast !!! From the first amazing dinner, to the great chocolate factory and St. Augustine tour and brewery tours to the unbelievable beer paired meals. Can I say WOW!

– Paige Presnell, Wildwood, MO
Bruges Grote Markt

We had a blast! It’s a wonderful way to enjoy rich European culture while enjoying great beers along the way!

– Randy M., San Jose, CA

Amazing trip! I learned so much about the cities we visited, the art of brewing and of course, all the different beers! Loved only having to unpack once! Big time saver. Mike and Ruth were fun trip guides! Thank you for all of the great memories!

– Nicole K., Encino, CA

This was a “no hassle” tour; we just showed up and were led to the best beers in the world, and more importantly on some nights, led back home again. Each brewery we visited was fascinating and unique. I learned so much about the world of beer in just one week. The tours of the old world cities were also a highlight. For me, it was the trip of a lifetime and I highly recommend this tour to fellow beer geeks around the world.

– David Critchfield, Locust Grove, VA
La Trappe visit during our Amsterdam to Bruges Beercation

You two are priceless. The amount of passion you two put into this trip and making sure folks are having a great time is hard to duplicate. Mike made me feel like I was hanging out every night with my best friend that knew everything about beer. His excitement was catching. How could you not have a good time on the pub loops? And Ruth’s attention to the details of the trip kept us all going. The food was superb on the Iris and the samples at the breweries were a treat. I felt the entire time like I was traveling with family. Yes, I want to go again….and yes, I highly recommend BBV! Prost!

– D.M., Alabama

Wow! Westvleteren, 9 other breweries, 7 cities, tons of the coolest beer bars, Super Hosts that ensure you have no worries and don’t really need to plan anything (thanks Mike and Ruth!), and a truly unlimited amount of the best choice of beers I have ever encountered in the coolest places! If you want a really want a truly organized trip that is not cookie cutter or “touristy” feeling, and you have a natural love for beer and experiences, book this trip!

– John Jones, Spotsylvania, VA

You differentiate  yourself from other beer tour companies, in the sense that you are 110%  committed to “Attention To Detail”! This is what makes you better than the  others….many thanks….And a heartfelt  CHEERS!”

– Mark Camp

Like What you see? Have Questions for Us? Call Us Today at 888-846-2337 or join us on one of our Upcoming Beer Trips & Beer Tours by Bon Beer Voyage.

– Ruth & Mike, Boynton Beach, FL

The entire trip was incredibly well-choreographed. A perfect balance of planned activity and free time. I was so happy with everything –the breweries were stunningly unique and wonderful and the extra cultural highlights made it extra special. And, the most special aspect of the trip was the very warm, kind and fun people I was able to travel with.I felt like I was traveling with friends and family. I want to go again! Bottom line: it was full of beer and fun. I don’t do anything unless it’s fun! Ruth and Mike are not only beer experts, they are genuine beer lovers. And, they bring so much passion for travel and adventure to the group. They make this trip happen. In every sense of the sentiment!

– Janine Ward, Irvine, CA

Thanks for the great beer tour/cruise of Holland & Belgium. Not only were the accommodations and food very good, but the access to the breweries we visited was exceptional. I was able to check at least 3 breweries off my lifetime list.  (The others were great too. More than 10!) I can say that I have toured extensively on my own over the past 20 years but never have I had the access nor the comfort of letting someone else worry about the logistics, transportation and arrangements that you guys took care of. We were want for nothing. I guarantee you will see me on future trips and I just wanted to say thanks again for a terrific time. I’d heartily recommend Bon Beer Voyage  to anyone who has an advanced knowledge and taste for craft made beer. You guys were great!

– Chuck Triplett, Centreville, VA