Courtesy: Alexandre Caillarec & Nicolas Thollot-Arsac, owners of NAART


There are a lot of creatives among the beer loving community.  Art that somehow incorporates beer makes an fun hobby for some of us, while for others, it is actually a very cool profession. This month’s post highlights a team

Cheers from Tampa Bay Brewing Co

Tampa Bay Beer Safari Weekend is Almost Here!

It’s Almost Time for the 2011 Tampa Beer Safari-Register Today! Bon Beer Voyage invites all craft beer lovers to a weekend of great beer, great food and a great time! Our Tampa Beer Safari will begin on Friday evening, February

Interview with Bob Sylvester, brewer & owner of Saint Somewhere Brewing Company

Here is a video we made in December 2009 when we met Bob Sylvester, the brewer & owner of Saint Somewhere Brewing Company in Tarpon Springs.    In this interview he talks about his latest creation, Pays Du Soleil.   [wpvideo 1bhOgEnr]  We