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5 Valentine’s Gift Ideas for The Beer, Wine or Spirits Lover in Your Life – or Yourself!

If there is anything we’ve learned over the last few years, it is that we all deserve to treat ourselves – as well as our loved ones – and enjoy life to the fullest.   Valentine’s Day is a good reminder to get off our butts and plan to do just that.  If you are reading this, likely you or a loved one are a lover of beer, wine and/or spirits, so we have done our best to help guide you on a few ideas for the best choices to celebrate and enjoy this Valentine’s Day and beyond.

Bon Beer Voyage Ranked Among the World’s Five Best Tour Operators

Not Winning 1st Place isn’t too Bad, France’s official tourism development bureau has named pioneering US tour agency Bon Beer Voyage (BBV) as a favorite among consumers in this year’s France 360 French Awards. BBV was among top five companies to reach the rank of finalist in the Best Tour Operator of the Year by Consumers category, which recognized the family- owned and operated tour company for its deeply personal and immersive excursions into European beer, wine and spirits history and culture.

8 Fun Gift Ideas for Beer & Wine Lovers

As beer and/or wine lovers, we sometimes get so into our hobbies- learning about styles or processes, checking the reviews, recording our own ratings, following social media, collecting rare bottles, etc.,  that we start taking things too seriously and forget the fun aspect of beer and wine that probably got us interested in the first place. So here are a few gift ideas to bring the fun back!

Eupen at the Heart of International Brewing Culture

EUPEN AT THE HEART OF INTERNATIONAL BREWING CULTURE Press Release from BBC – BeComev After launching the application for Belgian beer culture to be listed as Unesco Intangible Cultural Heritage, Belgium’s German-speaking community and region will host the Brussels Beer

Guinness Storehouse in Dublin

How to Pour a Perfect Pint of Guinness

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  We hope you are enjoying and celebrating in one form or another. In case you are pouring a pint or two from home today, we thought we’d share a few tips on pouring a perfect pint of the perfect St. Patrick’s Day beer- Guinness.  Sláinte!

5 Magical Phrases Every Traveler to France Should Know

Our love of France is no secret. If you  have joined us in France during one of our beercations or wine journeys, or have (graciously)listened to us wax poetic about the delicious beer, wine, food and culture of “L’Hexagon” you

Get Your Belgian Fix with Big Beers Festival “Craft Your Own” Version in January and Bon Beer Voyage/VisitFlanders Belgium Beercations in October

This time of year, I am usually freezing my Florida butt off in the snowy Colorado Rocky Mountains and drinking some of the best beer in the world, connecting with old friends and making new ones at one of my

5 Best Beer Gifts for Everyone on Your List!

1. For the Chef:   Whether you are a full-fledged Guinness fan, a St. Patrick’s Day only Guinness drinker, or just like to cook with beer, you can always count on Guinness to work magic in dishes from cakes to

3 Books for Beer & Book Lovers

If there was such a thing as a Zythobibliophile, I would be the posterchild.  I love beer books and am so thankful that we are now able to purchase audio or kindle versions for many of them, because frankly, I’ve

5 Reasons Why We Always Buy Trip Insurance – And Why You Should, Too!

5 Reasons Why We Always Buy Trip Insurance – And Why You Should, Too! We’ve just returned from a great week in France and we’re happy to report that we felt very comfortable over there. People seemed to be following