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Hop Ring and other Beery Jewelry

5 Great Goodies & Gifts for Beer Lovers for Valentine’s and Every Day!

Gifts for Beer Lovers: Why Send Flowers When You Can Send Hops Plants? Great Lakes Hops offers a wide variety of hops plants as well as gift certificates.  So forget the florist this year…and check out their great selection for a

Top 5 Beer Desserts

Many people find it hard to consider beer as a dessert or part of a dessert pairing, but it’s really just as natural as pairing beer with food. There are so many great taste and flavor profiles in today’s beer that there is no reason to switch to coffee or port when the main course is finished. Beer paired desserts make a perfect grande finale to any dinner!

The Healthy Benefits of Beer

We’d like to share with you some of the healthy benefits of drinking beer. That’s right, beer has health benenfits! And this is something that’s been known for years.

uth picking up some Westvleteren 12's

Bringing Back Beercation Beer… To Ship or To Schlep?

Bringing Back Beercation Beer (BBBB)… To Ship or To Schlep? Are you going to go on a Beeration over the holidays? Do you plan to bring home some special brews with you? Well then read on… One of them most frequent

Beer Trip & Beer Tour Insurance

Trip Insurance for Your Beer Trip

Trip Insurance is important, especially coverage that applies to your particular needs. Whether you are on a beer trip or a ski vacation, there are policies that cover weather related cancellations for people who are in sporting competitions, there are policies that cover your stolen kayak,or cover you and give you extra medical coverage if you are into stuff like skydiving or bungee jumping(many policies exclude this).

BEST ADVICE: get some kind of coverage, because life happens. Make sure you READ the policy’s terms and conditions and don’t pay for coverage you don’t need, but make sure that the policy includes the coverage that you do need. Talk to your travel agent, call the insurance company, ask questions and CYA! Then go and have fun!