Brewery Pet Etiquette

A recent trend is making way to invite “man’s best friend” to breweries. We love seeing more and more places become pet-friendly, so we have some advice for breweries to create an enjoyable place for pups and their customers! To ensure that this new trend succeeds, it is imperative to maintain proper pet etiquette when your four legged furry best friend is accompanying you to a brewery.

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3 Vacation and Staycation Beer Events

For many of us, Memorial Day weekend marked the unofficial start to summer.  Getaways, vacations and chillin’ with friends is what’s most on our minds. And for craft beer lovers, there are some awesome events coming up that will make

5 Important Tips for Overseas Travelers

Please note: Most of these tips are based on regulations for US citizens. Regardless of where you live, or what your nationality is, we strongly suggest that you check your local laws and regulations before you plan a trip beyond

Room with a Brew

Looking for a room with a brew? Here are some hotels and inns with breweries and craft beer around the world for those who like to craft their own beercation.

Five Brewtiful Tips to Warm Up From the Winter Blues

Sheesh! When you read that it’s so cold that beer can’t be shipped, it is just too cold.  And it means that even those of us who are living the good life in the temperate southern states could even be

Staying in Shape and Drinking Beer You Can Enjoy Both in the New Year!

Staying in Shape and Drinking Beer – You Can Enjoy Both in the New Year! It’s funny. People always ask me how I stay in shape while I “drink so much beer”. I have to confess, I probably don’t drink

3 Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Beer Lovers

Its not too late to get awesome gifts in time for the holidays! Check out our last minute buy and download ideas below! 1. Destination Beer Fest tickets- Here’s the scoop on some of the hottest upcoming fests around! Grab


Along with joy, holidays can also bring stress. Especially when it comes to finding the perfect gift. We’ve all been the recipient of that “perfect” gift from our well-intentioned friend or relative. You know, like Great Aunt Tillie who thought that being a craft beer lover meant that you totally needed a singing beer bottle opener that doubled as an alarm clock. And who knows, we may have at some point, unknowingly gifted some of these type of gifts ourselves.

Well don’t stress. We’re here to help. Below you will find our take on some Good and Bad gift choices. Hopefully you will find some enlightenment among these. You may even want to print out a few copies to share with Aunt Tillie and the rest of the family!

Happy Shopping!

Belgian Beer Spotlight – Dame Jeanne

This summer, I discovered a Belgian beer that I hadn’t tried before and really enjoyed- and I wasn’t even in Belgium at the time! I was in NY and the beer that tickled my tastebuds is not even available commercially

Belgium Beer Spotlight – Bossuwé Brewing Co

There are so many Belgian beers, What is special about Bossuwé Brewing’s beer that makes it something worth seeking out in Belgium as well as bringing to the USA?
We seem to have developed a very particular style of brewing, focusing on radical innovation, on weird and new beer styles and top quality levels while apparently remaining accessible for a surprisingly wide audience.