Avery Nineteen

Beer #201 Avery Nineteen

Name: Nineteen Style: Tripel Brewery:  Avery Brewing Co  website Country: USA Region: Boulder, Colorado ABV: 8.23% abv How served:  22oz bomber with a silver foil wrapped cap was poured into a Westmalle Chalice.     My Overall Opinion: Very Good.  I

Beer #198 Victory White Monkey

Name: White Monkey Style: Tripel Brewery: Victory Brewing Company website Country: USA Region: Downingtown, Pennsylvania ABV: 9.5% abv How served: 750ml corked and caged bottle poured into Kastaar tulip glass. My Overall Opinion: Very Good I paired this beer with:

Beer #194 Blue Mountain Mandolin

Name: Mandolin Style: Tripel Brewery: Blue Mountain Brewery website Country: USA Region: Afton, Virginia ABV: 9.0% abv How served: 750ml corked and caged poured into my Piraat snifter. My Overall Opinion: Good + 1/2 I paired this beer with: Crab

Huisbrouwerij Sint Canarus

Today’s Brewery of the Day: Huisbrouwerij Sint Canarus Polderweg 2 Deinze-Gottem Belgium We’ve just returned from France & Belgium where we met with some of the brewers and vendors for our upcoming October 27th –November 3rd Bon Beer Voyage beer

Bridgeport Fallen Friar

Beer #180 BridgePort Fallen Friar

Name: Fallen Friar Style:  Tripel Brewery:  BridgePort Brewing Co.   website Country: USA Region:   Portland  ,Oregon ABV: 8.2% abv How served:  22oz white foil & capped bottle poured into my St. Idesbald chalice. My Overall Opinion:  Very Good  I paired this

Stone Mikkeller AleSmith Belgian Style Triple Ale

Beer #175 Stone, Mikkeller & AleSmith’s Belgian Style Triple Ale

Name: Belgian Style Triple Ale Style:  Tripel Brewery: Stone Brewing Co.  Website   Mikkeller Brewing Website  AleSmith Brewing Website Brewed & Bottled at Stone Brewing Co. Country: USA Region:   Escondido, California ABV: 8.7% abv How served:  12 oz capped bottle poured into a

Ommegang Tripel Perfection

Beer #157 Ommegang Tripel Perfection

      Name:  Tripel Perfection Style: Tripel Brewery: Brewery Ommegang  website Country: USA Region:  Cooperstown, New York ABV: 8.9% Abv How served:  750 ml corked and capped bottle poured into an Ommegang glass. My Overall Opinion:  Very Good.  I

Lamoral Tripel

Beer #155 Lamoral Degmont

    Name:  Lamoral Degmont Style: Tripel Brewery: Brouwerij Van den Bossche  website Country: Belgium Region: Sint-Lieven-Esse ABV: 8.0% Abv How served:  750 ml . capped bottle poured into proper glassware, a Lamoral Degmont glass. My Overall Opinion:  Very Good.

Impromptu Tasting of 19 Beers.

Saturday night started out as 3 couples (my wife & I, my neighbor and another couple) who planned a mellow evening of grilling steak and drinking only a few beers.  Well it turned out to become an impromptu tasting in

Summer Beer Tasting: 21 different styles in 26 Beers

My friend Stu returned from California with a nice haul of “West Coast” beers not available in S. Florida.   His philosophy is that good beer is meant to be shared, so he invited a small handful of friends to his