Brewer or Winemaker?

Patrick Rue is Now Making Wines for Beer Lovers! Those of you who are fans of beers from The Bruery will likely know that the “rue” in Bruery comes from its founder, Patrick Rue. Patrick started The Bruery in 2008

Courtesy: Alexandre Caillarec & Nicolas Thollot-Arsac, owners of NAART


There are a lot of creatives among the beer loving community.  Art that somehow incorporates beer makes an fun hobby for some of us, while for others, it is actually a very cool profession. This month’s post highlights a team

5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Beer Lovin’ Dads

With COVID making visits to Dad difficult if not impossible for some of us this year, many of us are searching for something cool to send to Dad this Father’s Day.  Here are a few fun ideas for those of

5 Safe Ways to Enjoy Craft Beer Culture During COVID

Is there a silver lining in the COVID clouds?  Maybe the best way to get through this is to try and look at what you might be able to gain from the situation … other than extra weight from eating

I’ll Show You Mine if You Show Me Yours…

#ReadyforBeercation Fashion Show & Beer T Shirt Contest How are you getting through this period of quarantine?  Have you already cleaned out your closet, inventoried your beer stash, learned to cook things you never thought of eating? Have you moved

How to Up Your Home-Based Happy Hour Game

 A cheesy way to stir things up a bit It’s not all fun and games right now, that is for sure. But while we are going through hard times, we are also doing our best to try to find some

Cigar City Brewing Bon Beer Voyage Beer Safari Weekend 2010

Florida Flashback – The Tampa Beer Scene 10 years ago

Pics from the Past Photos from our 2010 Tampa Beer Safari Weekend Last month we wrote about the changes and growth of the industry over the last 10 years. This month we want to share some photos from back then. 

Beer Safaris are Great Weekends Full of Beer and Fun!

From Beer to Eternity

A Look at the Craft Beer Revolution over the Last Decade I recently stumbled across a decade-old Sun Sentinel article written about Bon Beer Voyage, in which the author was discussing how the rising interest in craft beer and brewing

Five Fab Gifts for the Beer Lovers in Your Life

Waited until the last minute to find the perfect gift for your best beer buds?  Getting ready to head to your rare beer collection to see what you are willing to part with to provide a worthy gift?  Relax. Here

3 Beer-Infused Treats to Bring to Your Next Holiday Party!

It’s holiday party time! And whether you are throwing a shindig or invited to one, it’s always good to have some recipes on hand for putting out for your guests or bringing along to your hosts. Here are 3 beer infused treats to bring to your next holiday party.