Get Your Belgian Fix with Big Beers Festival “Craft Your Own” Version in January and Bon Beer Voyage/VisitFlanders Belgium Beercations in October

This time of year, I am usually freezing my Florida butt off in the snowy Colorado Rocky Mountains and drinking some of the best beer in the world, connecting with old friends and making new ones at one of my

5 Best Beer Gifts for Everyone on Your List!

1. For the Chef:   Whether you are a full-fledged Guinness fan, a St. Patrick’s Day only Guinness drinker, or just like to cook with beer, you can always count on Guinness to work magic in dishes from cakes to

frites eater statue in Bruges Belgium

New Statue of the Frites Eater Unveiled Near Frites Stand in Bruges

And in the latest news from Belgium: Week of the Fries 2021: statue ‘De Frieteters’ pays a unique ode to our national culinary pride Freshly baked, crispy and deliciously golden. Those are the words that come to mind when we

3 Books for Beer & Book Lovers

If there was such a thing as a Zythobibliophile, I would be the posterchild.  I love beer books and am so thankful that we are now able to purchase audio or kindle versions for many of them, because frankly, I’ve

5 Reasons Why We Always Buy Trip Insurance – And Why You Should, Too!

5 Reasons Why We Always Buy Trip Insurance – And Why You Should, Too! We’ve just returned from a great week in France and we’re happy to report that we felt very comfortable over there. People seemed to be following

European Borders (and Bars :) are Open and Ready for Beer Travelers!

Over the last few weeks, Belgium, France and The Netherlands have re-opened their doors (and pubs!) to travelers from the USA as well as a number of other countries. We have been talking often with our suppliers and everyone seems

Rodenbach – History poured in a bottle – History written in a bottle

Brouwerij Rodenbach is celebrating its 200th anniversary this year. Today, in 2021, Rodenbach is the gold standard worldwide in Flemish red-brown ales. Rodenbach has grown to become a genuine classic of Belgian beer heritage and is famous both in Belgium and abroad for its unique flavor. To celebrate this anniversary, the beautifully illustrated, two-part anniversary book Rodenbach – History poured in a bottle – History written in a bottle is being released.

Is Oktoberfest Really Moving to DUBAI?

Munich’s Oktoberfest will be cancelled for the second year in a row due to Covid.  This makes the 26th year the world’s most famous beer fest will be cancelled.  Previous cancellations were mostly due to wars and epidemics, although financial

Brewer or Winemaker?

Patrick Rue is Now Making Wines for Beer Lovers! Those of you who are fans of beers from The Bruery will likely know that the “rue” in Bruery comes from its founder, Patrick Rue. Patrick started The Bruery in 2008

Courtesy: Alexandre Caillarec & Nicolas Thollot-Arsac, owners of NAART


There are a lot of creatives among the beer loving community.  Art that somehow incorporates beer makes an fun hobby for some of us, while for others, it is actually a very cool profession. This month’s post highlights a team