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Top 5 Reasons Guests Love Living Large on a Beer Tour Barge

When we tell people that we run most of our European tours on barges, those who are not familiar with this delightfully addicting form of travel look at us with what would translate into an emoji as  and we immediately

What’s the Deal with Lederhosen?

This is pretty much how I so eloquently phrased my question to my host, Johannes Faust, as we were walking through a festival in Miltenberg Germany, where Brauhaus Faust has been brewing for almost a century and a half under

Bruges at night on our Beer Trip

Beer Travel – It’s Not All About the Beer

Earlier this month I had the privilege to be part of a panel on beer tourism at the Beer Bloggers and Writers Conference hosted in my home state of Florida. I shared the stage with three awesome fellow beer lovers

5 Beer Treats to Beat the Heat

Growing up in the northeast, summer meant grilling out, eating watermelon on the front stoop and waiting for the bells of the ice cream truck to signal that Sam, Sam the Ice Cream Man was on his way. His Bomb

America the Brewtiful

Beer has been intertwined with America’s history from the start and soon it will be officially recognized for its contributions to our nation’s history in the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History in Washington, DC. Even if you are not

3 Things You May Not Know About Prohibition

3 Things You May Not Know About Prohibition By Ruth Berman, CEO and BBB (Brains Beyond the Beer) Bon Beer Voyage 3/16 Earlier this month we celebrated National Beer Day here in the US.  We are really privileged to live

Superbeeros: Move over Iron Man, Batman and Superman, Beer Woman is Here to Stay!

The Beer World is no longer a good ol’ boys club. More and more women are entering the beer community both professionally and as hobbyists. This is no surprise for a number of reasons, one of the most interesting among them being their sense abilities.

Brussels Airlines New Campaign- “The Airline flying you to The Land of Beers.”

3 “Brewnique” Ways Belgians Share their Appreciation of Beer

Our September 2015 article, 5 Reasons Why Belgium is the Ultimate Beer Travel Destination, discussed why Belgium should be on the bucket list for all die-hard Beer travelers. However, if you are still not convinced that Beer Appreciation is taken to a whole new level by our friends in Belgium, here are a few more things to consider:

5 Super Beer Stocking Stuffers

5 Super Beer Stocking Stuffers. Stocking up on stocking stuffers? Here are a few sudsy suggestions for the Beer Lovers in your life…

The Business Casual Craft Beer Briefcase

5 Groovy Gifts for Beer Lovers

5 Groovy Gifts for Beer Lovers   As always this time of year, many of us in the beer community are looking for some unique token of friendship and appreciation for our suds sippin’ friends. This is not always an