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Cigar City Brewing Bon Beer Voyage Beer Safari Weekend 2010

Florida Flashback – The Tampa Beer Scene 10 years ago

Pics from the Past Photos from our 2010 Tampa Beer Safari Weekend Last month we wrote about the changes and growth of the industry over the last 10 years. This month we want to share some photos from back then. 

Beer Safaris are Great Weekends Full of Beer and Fun!

From Beer to Eternity

A Look at the Craft Beer Revolution over the Last Decade I recently stumbled across a decade-old Sun Sentinel article written about Bon Beer Voyage, in which the author was discussing how the rising interest in craft beer and brewing

Five Fab Gifts for the Beer Lovers in Your Life

Waited until the last minute to find the perfect gift for your best beer buds?  Getting ready to head to your rare beer collection to see what you are willing to part with to provide a worthy gift?  Relax. Here

3 Beer-Infused Treats to Bring to Your Next Holiday Party!

It’s holiday party time! And whether you are throwing a shindig or invited to one, it’s always good to have some recipes on hand for putting out for your guests or bringing along to your hosts. Here are 3 beer infused treats to bring to your next holiday party.


Carbonnade Flamande – A Classic Belgian Recipe

One of our favorite dishes when we are in Belgium is Carbonnade Flamande, also known as Vlaamse Stoverij or Flemish Stew.  Our onboard beercation cruise chef, Frank, was generous enough to share this recipe with us.

Beer & Hurricanes – The Surprising Similarities

Hunkering down for the Hurricane-Thoughts on How Hurricanes are Like Beer Those of you who know us personally may know that we watching the storm paths and that where we live appears to be the meatball in the middle of

Guinness Fudgesicles – Femme Fraîche

Beer-sicles, Baseball & Breweries with Your Besties

Summer and Beer – a natural pairing. Nothing is more refreshing than the thought of a cool beer on a hot day. And as the craft beer movement continues to blanket the country, great beer is now available more than ever to pair with your summer fun. Baseball & Craft Beer = Home Run!


Brewery Pet Etiquette

A recent trend is making way to invite “man’s best friend” to breweries. We love seeing more and more places become pet-friendly, so we have some advice for breweries to create an enjoyable place for pups and their customers! To ensure that this new trend succeeds, it is imperative to maintain proper pet etiquette when your four legged furry best friend is accompanying you to a brewery.

BeerAdvocate FUNK Boston 2019

3 Vacation and Staycation Beer Events

For many of us, Memorial Day weekend marked the unofficial start to summer.  Getaways, vacations and chillin’ with friends is what’s most on our minds. And for craft beer lovers, there are some awesome events coming up that will make

5 Important Tips for Overseas Travelers

Please note: Most of these tips are based on regulations for US citizens. Regardless of where you live, or what your nationality is, we strongly suggest that you check your local laws and regulations before you plan a trip beyond